United States Army > Army of Virginia > 2nd Corps

June 1862 • to July >

Commanded by Brigadier General James Cooper

 On June 26 Sigel’s Division of the Department of the Shenandoah became the 2nd Division of the 2nd Corps of the Army of Virginia.

First Brigade Brigadier General James Cooper (to 7/16)
Brigadier General John Geary
3rd Maryland Infantry Regiment
102nd New York Infantry Regiment
109th Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry J. Stainrook
111th Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Matthew Schlaudecker
8th & 12th United States Infantry
Second Brigade Brigadier General John P. Slough (to 7/1)
Colonel James A. Tate (7/1 – 7/10)
Colonel Daniel Ullman (7/10 – 7/16)
Brigadier General Henry Prince (after 7/16)
3rd Delaware Infantry Regiment
1st District of Columbia Infantry Regt.
60th New York Infantry Regiment
78th New York Infantry Regiment
Purnell (Maryland) Legion Infantry
1st New York Light Artillery, Battery L