The United States Army > Department of Virginia > 4th Corps

June 1863to July >

Commanded by Brigadier General Rufus King

Recreated June 17, 1863

First Brigade Brigadier General Hector Tyndale
2nd Massachusetts Cavalry,
Companies A, B, C,D & K
from Yorktown
2nd New York Cavalry, Battalion from Yorktown
169th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Lewis W. Smith from King’s Brig.
8th New York Independent Battery from Yorktown
Second Brigade Colonel George E. Church
5th Pennsylvania Cavalry Detachment from Yorktown
11th Rhode Island Infantry Regiment Colonel George E. Church from 7th Corps, 1st Div., 1st Brig.
1st Pennsylvania Artillery, Battery E Captain Theodore Miller from Yorktown
2nd Wisconsin Independent Battery Captain Charles Berger from 7th Corps, Suffolk
3rd Brigade Colonel Charles Klecker
168th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel William R. Brown from King’s Brig.
172nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel James A. Johnson from Advance Brig.