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Commanded by Brigadier General Thomas C. Devin (to 5/28)

The 1st Division of the Cavalry Corps was disestablished at the end of May.

First Brigade  Colonel Peter Stagg 
1st Michigan Cavalry Regiment Captain Edward L. Negus to Department
of the Missouri
5th Michigan Cavalry Regiment Colonel Smith H. Hastings
6th Michigan Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Harvey H. Vinton
7th Michigan Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel George G. Briggs
Second Brigade Colonel C. L. Fitzhugh (to 5/29)
6th New York Cavalry Regiment Major Harrison White
9th New York Cavalry Regiment Major James R. Dinnin
19th New York Cavalry Regiment Major Howard M. Smith
17th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Coe Durland Consolidated with & 6 PA Cavalry to form 2nd Provisional Cavalry
20th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Middleton Consolidated with 2 PA Cavalry to form 1st Provisional Cavalry.
Reserve Brigade Brigadier General Alfred Gibbs (to 5/25)
2nd Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment Colonel Caspar Crowninshield
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Colonel Charles L. Leiper to 2 PA Cavalry
1st Rhode Island Cavalry Regiment Captain Richard S. C. Lord
2nd United States Cavalry Regiment Captain Robert S. Smith to Department of Washington
5th United States Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Gustavus Urban to Department of Washington
6th United States Cavalry Regiment Major Robert N. Morris to Department of Washington
Artillery Brigadier General Alfred Gibbs 
4th United States, Batteries C&E Captain Marcus Miller to Department of Washington