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Commanded by Major General George Crook

The Second Cavalry Division was dissolved on May 22, 1865.

First Brigade  Brigadier General Henry E. Davies
1st New Jersey Cavalry Regiment Colonel Hugh Janeway (^) to Dept. Washington
10th New York Cavalry Regiment Major Matthew H. Avery consolidated into 1st Provisional New York Cavalry Regiment
24th New York Cavalry Regiment Colonel Walter C. Newberry
1st Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment to 2nd Pennsylvania Provisional Cavalry
Second Brigade Colonel Samuel B.M. Young
4th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Alender P. Duncan to Dept. Virginia
16th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John K. Robison to Dept. Virginia
21st Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Colonel Oliver P. Knowles to Dept. Virginia
Third Brigade   Colonel Charles H. Smith
1st Maine Cavalry Regiment to Dept. Virginia
2nd New York Mounted Rifles to Dept. Virginia
6th Ohio Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William Stedman to Dept. Virginia
13th Ohio Cavalry Regiment to Dept. Virginia
Horse Artillery
1st United States Artillery, Battery I Lieutenant Chandler P. Eakin to Dept. Washington
2nd United States Artillery, Battery A Lieutenant James A. Lord to Dept. Washington