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Commanded by Colonel Eliakim Scammon

The division returned to West Virginia in October, becoming part of the Department of the Ohio.

1st Brigade Colonel Hugh Ewing
12th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Carr B. White
23rd Ohio Infantry Regiment Major James M. S. Comly
30th Ohio Infantry Regiment Major George H. Hildt
1st Ohio Independent Battery Captain James R. McMullin
1st West Virginia Cavalry, Co. I Lieutenant Dennis Delaney
2nd West Virginia Cavalry, Co. L Lieutenant James Abraham
2nd Brigade Colonel August Moor (c 9/12)
Colonel George Crook
11th Ohio Infantry Regiment Major Lyman J. Jackson
28th Ohio Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel Godfried Becker
36th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Ebenzer B. Andrews
Simmond’s Kentucky Battery Captain Seth J. Simmonds
Schambeck’s Illinois Cavalry Co. Captain Frederick Schambeck
3rd Independent Ohio Cavalry Co. Lieutenant Jonas Seamen