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Commanded by Brigadier General Michael Corcoran

Empire Brigade Brigadier General Francis B. Spinola
132nd New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Peter J. Classen from Washington 10/25
Ferry’s Brigade Brigadier General Otis S. Ferry
39th Illinois Infantry Regiment
62nd Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Francis B. Pond
67th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Otto Burstenbinder
Foster’s Brigade Brigadier General Robert S. Foster
13th Indiana Infantry Regiment
6th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Albert S. Follansbee
112th New York Infantry Regiment
130th New York Infantry Regiment
Wessells’ Brigade Brigadier General Henry W. Wessells 
85th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Jonathan S. Belknap
92nd New York Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel Hiram Anderson, Jr.
96th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel James Fairman
85th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Joshua B. Howell
101st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel David B. Morris
103rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Major Audley W. Gazzon
7th New York Independent Battery
11th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Colonel Samuel P. Spear
4th United States Artillery, Battery L