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Commanded by Brigadier General Lysander Cutler 

First Brigade (“Iron Brigade”) Colonel William W. Robinson
19th Indiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Samuel J. Williams
24th Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry A. Morrow
1st New York Sharpshooter Battalion Captain Joseph C. Arnold
2nd Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John Mansfield
6th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Colonel Edward Bragg
7th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Major Mark Finnicum

Second Brigade

Colonel Edward B. Fowler (to 10/5)
Brigadier General J. C. Rice
7th Indiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Ira G. Grover
14th New York State Militia (84th N.Y.) Colonel Edward B. Fowler
76th New York Infantry Regiment Major John W. Young
95th New York Infantry Regiment Major Edward Pye
147th New York Infantry Regiment Major George Harney
56th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel George B. Osborn