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Commanded by:
Major General John G. Parke (to 9/3)
Brigadier General Isaac P. Rodman (k 9/17)
Major General John G. Parke

First Brigade Colonel Harrison S. Fairchild
9th New York Infantry Regiment Major Edward Jardine (to 8/3)
Colonel Rush C. Hawkins
89th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Harrison S. Fairchild
103rd New York Infantry Regiment Major Benjamin Ringold
Second Brigade Colonel Edward Harland
8th Connecticut Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Hiram Appleman
11th Connecticut Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry W. Kingsbury
16th Connecticut Infantry Regiment Colonel Francis Beach from Connecticut
21st Connecticut Infantry Regiment Colonel Arthur H. Dutton from Connecticut
4th Rhode Island Infantry Regiment Colonel William H.P. Steere
5th United States Artilery, Battery A Lieutenant Charles P. Muhlenberg