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Commanded by:
Brigadier General David A. Russell (k 9/19)
Brigadier General Emory Upton (w 9/19)
Colonel Oliver Edwards (to 9/21)
Brigadier General Frank Wheaton

First Brigade Colonel William H. Penrose (to 9/18)
Lieutenant Colonel E. L. Campbell (to 9/20)
Colonel William H. Penrose
4th New Jersey Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel E. L. Campbell (^ 9/18)
Major Charles Ewing (to 9/20)
Lieutenant Colonel E. L. Campbell
10th New Jersey Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry O. Ryerson
15th New Jersey Infantry Regiment
Second Brigade Colonel Emory Upton (^ 9/19)
Colonel John E. Hamblin
2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery Colonel Ranald Mackenzie
65th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel John E. Hamblin (^ 9/19)
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Higginbotham
consolidated with 67 NY
67th New York Infantry Battalion Captain Henry C. Fisk 9/1 consolidated with 65 NY
121st New York Infantry Regiment
95th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Captain E. Carroll
96th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel William H. Lessig
Third Brigade Colonel Oliver Edwards (^ 9/19)
Colonel I. C. Bassett (to 9/21)
Colonel Oliver Edwards
37th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
49th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Thomas M. Hulings
82nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John M. Wetherill
119th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Peter Ellmaker
2nd Rhode Island Infantry Regiment
5th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Colonel Thomas S. Allen