United States Regiments & Batteries

Connecticut provided 53,721 men to the Union army, organized into 1 regiment of cavalry, 2 regiments of heavy artillery, 3 batteries of light artillery, and 30 regiments of infantry. The 23rd through 26th Infantry did not serve in the eastern theater. ***


1st Connecticut • 2nd Connecticut • 3rd Connecticut • 4th Connecticut • 5th Connecticut

6th Connecticut • 7th Connecticut • 8th Connecticut • 9th Connecticut • 10th Connecticut

11th Connecticut • 12th Connecticut • 13th Connecticut • 14th Connecticut • 15th Connecticut

16th Connecticut • 17th Connecticut  • 18th Connecticut • 19th Connecticut • 20th Connecticut

21st Connecticut • 22nd Connecticut • 27th Connecticut  • 29th Connecticut (Colored)

30th Connecticut (Colored)


1st Connecticut Cavalry


1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery • 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery

1st Connecticut Light Artillery • 2nd Connecticut Light Artillery • 3rd Connecticut Light Artillery