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The 40th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment lost 5 officers and 67 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 125 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.

August Organized at Lynnfield under the command of Colonel Burr B. Porter
September 8-11 Moved to Washington, D.C. and attached to 2nd Brigade, Abercrombie’s Division, Military District of Washington for duty in the Defences of Washington, D. C.
December 28-29 Expedition to Mill’s Cross Roads after Stuart’s Cavalry
February Attached to 2nd Brigade, Abercrombie’s Division, 22nd Army Corps, Dept. of Washington
February 12 Picket duty on the Columbia Pike
March 30 At Vienna
April Attached to 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 7th Army Corps, Dept. of Virginia. 
April 15-17 Moved to Norfolk, then to Suffolk
April 17-May 4 Siege of Suffolk
May 5 Moved to West Point, attached to 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 4th Army Corps, Dept. of Virginia. Colonel Porter commanded the brigade as senior colonel.
May 31 To Yorktown
June 10-13 Raid to Jamestown Island
June 24-July 7 Dix’s Peninsula Campaign
July 1-7 Expedition from White House to Bottom’s Bridge
July 2 Baltimore Cross Roads
July 10-11 Moved to Washington, D.C. and attached to 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 11th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac
July 13-22 March in pursuit of Lee, to Berlin, Md.
July 31 Colonel Porter resigned due to “discontent unfitting me for a command, and pressing reasons of a family and private nature.”
August 6 Moved to Alexandria
August 7-13 Sailed to Folly Island, S.C. and attached to 2nd Brigade, Gordon’s Division, South End of Folly Island, S.C.
August 15-November 13 Siege operations on Folly and Morris Islands against Forts Wagner and Gregg, and against Fort Sumpter and Charleston. Attached to 10th Army Corps, Dept. of the South
November 9 Captain Guy V. Henry, U.S.A., Acting Chief of Artillery, Department of the South (USMA May 1861), was promoted to Colonel U.S.V. and given command of the regiment.
November 13-15 Expedition to Seabrook Island, then return to duty at Folly Island attached to 2nd Brigade, Gordon’s Division, Folly Island, S.C., Northern District, 10th Army Corps, Dept. South
January 16 Moved to Hilton Head, S.C. and attached to 1st Brigade, District of Hilton Head, S.C., 10th Army Corps. Colonel Henry was promoted to Brevet Brigadier General and commanded the brigade.
February 4-7 Expedition to Jacksonville, Fla. Attached to Light Brigade, District of Florida, Dept. of the South.
February 7-22 Lake City, Fla.
February 8 Ten Mile Run near Camp Finnegan
February 10 Barber’s Place
February 11 Lake City
February 14 Gainesville (Companies C, G, H)
February 20 Battle of Olustee
March 1 McGirt’s Creek
March 1 Cedar Creek
March – April Duty at Jacksonville
April 22-28 Moved to Gloucester Point and attached to 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 10th Army Corps, Dept. of Virginia and North Carolina
April 30-May 5 Expedition to West Point
May 5-28 Butler’s operations on south side of James River and against Petersburg and Richmond. Attached to 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 18th Army Corps
May 9-10 Swift Creek or Arrowfield Church
May 12-16 Operations against Fort Darling
May 14-16 Battle of Drewry’s Bluff
May 17-28 On Bermuda Hundred Front
May 28-June 1 Moved to White House, thence to Cold Harbor
June 1
Cold Harbor

Colonel Guy Henry was awarded the Medal of Honor “for noteworthy and conspicuous gallantry while Colonel 40th Massachusetts Volunteers, leading the assaults of his brigade upon the enemy’s works at Cold Harbor, Va., June 1, 1864, where he had two horses shot under him — one while in the act of leaping over the breastworks of the enemy.”

June 15-18 First Assault on Petersburg
June 16 Siege operations against Petersburg and Richmond begin
June 24 and 28 Hares Hill
July 30 Mine Explosion, Petersburg (Reserve), then in trenches before Petersburg
August 27 Moved to Bermuda Front
August 28 To Bermuda Landing and provost duty there
September 29 On the Bermuda Front
October 24 Moved to Chaffin’s Farm on north side of the James and attached to 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, 24th Army Corps, Dept. of Virginia
March 5-8 Expedition to Fredericksburg and up the Potomac River to the Yecomico
March 11-13 To Kinsel’s Landing
March 13-18 To White House
March 24-26 March to Signal Hill before Richmond
April 3 Occupation of Richmond
April 25 Moved to Manchester and provost duty there
June 16 Mustered out
June 30 Discharged at Reedville, Mass.