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“Kerrigan Rangers”

The 25th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment lost 7 officers and 54 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 4 officers and 25 enlisted men to disease.

April 22 Moved to Washington, D.C. and attached to Mansfield’s Command, Dept. of Washington, D.C.
May 23 Advance into Virginia
May 24 Occupation of Arlington Heights, Va.
June Engaged in fatigue duty at Arlington Heights building, Fort Albany
August 4 Mustered out
May 11 Reorganized at New York City
June 28 Mustered in for two years United States service under Colonel James E. Kerrigan, Lieutenant Colonel Edmund C. Charles and Major George Mountjoy
July 3 Left State for Washington, D.C.
July 5 Attached to Garrison at Fort Albany, Defenses of Washington
July 20 Major Montjoy deserted
July 21 Attached to McCunn’s Brigade, Army of Northeast Virginia. First Lieutenant and Adjutant Henry F. Savage was promoted to major.
August 4 Attached to Hunter’s Brigade, Division of the Potomac
August 24 Corporal George Howard of Company A was killed at Major Nutt’s Farm
September Attached to Butterfield’s Brigade, Porter’s Division, Army of the Potomac
October 4 Lt. Colonel Charles resigned and Major Charles Johnson of the 17th New York Infantry transferred in and was promoted to lieutenant colonel.
December 12 Captain Thomas Kerrigan of Company K was mortally wounded at Balls Cross Roads, and dies later in the day at Providence Infirmary in Washington
March Attached to Martindale’s 1st Brigade, Porter’s 1st Division, 3rd Army Corps, Army of the Potomac
March 6 Colonel Kerrigan was dismissed by sentence of general court-martial for inefficiency and of conduct unbecoming an officer in the gross neglect of his military duty, “as manifested in the disorganized and disgraceful condition of his regiment..”Lt. Colonel Johnson was promoted to colonel with rank to date from February 21, 1862
March 16 Moved to the Virginia Peninsula
April 5 Warwick Road
April 5-May 4 Siege of Yorktown
April 17 Major Savage was promoted to lieutenant colonel and Captain Edwin S. Gilbert to major
May Attached to 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Army Corps
May 27
Battle of Hanover Court House

The regiment lost 158 casualties out of 349 engaged. Lieutenants George E. Fiske, Charles Halpin and Thomas Thompson, 2 other officers and 32 enlisted men were killed or mortally wounded. Colonel Johnson and Lt. Colonel Savage, Adjutant Oliver Houghton, Lieutenants Thomas Coglan, Patrick Hicks, Surgeon Hiland Weed and 63 enlisted men were wounded, and Lt. Richard Esselstyn of Company E and 50 enlisted men were missing or captured. Lt. Esselstyn died of his wounds in capativity on May 31.

May 27-29 Operations about Hanover Court House
June 25-July 1 Seven Days before Richmond
June 26 Battles of Mechanicsville
June 27
Gaines Mill

The regiment lost Captain Archibald Ferguson, Lieutenant Washington B. Fairman, 1 other officer and 14 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, and Lieutenant William Bates of Company I, another officer, and 33 enlisted men wounded, and 2 oficers and 30 enlisted men missing or captured, including Major Edwin Gilbert, who was wounded and captured.

June 30 White Oak Swamp and Turkey Bend
July 1
Malvern Hill

Captain Albert Preston of Company G was wounded

July At Harrison’s Landing
August 7 Major Gilbert was parolled
August 16-28 Retreat from the Peninsula and movement to Centreville
August 28 Pope’s Campaign in Northern Virginia
August 30
Battle of 2nd Bull Run

The regiment was lightly engaged and lost 6 men wounded and 13 men captured or missing

September 6-22 Maryland Campaign
September 12 Lieutenant Colonel Savage was discharged due to his wound from Hanover Court House. Major Gilbert was promoted to lieutenant colonel and Captain Shepard Gleason of Company K promoted to major.
September 16-17
Battle of Antietam

In reserve and suffered no losses

September 19

The regiment lost 3 enlisted men wounded and 9 captured or missing

September At Sharpsburg, Md.
October 30-November 19 Movement to Falmouth, Va.
December 12-15
Battle of Fredericksburg

The regiment lost 5 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, Captain Benjamin F. Harris of Company K, Lieutenant Terrance Cook of Company C, and 30 enisted men wounded, and 3 enlisted men captured or missing

December 29-30 Expedition to Richards’ and Ellis’ Fords, Rappahannock River
January 20-24 “Mud March”
January 26 Colonel Johnson took temporary command of the brigade, leaving Captain Patrick Connelly in command of the regiment
February At Falmouth, Va.
February 22 Lt. Colonel Gilbert died of disease at Rochester, New York
April 27-May 6 Chancellorsville Campaign
May 1-5
Battle of Chancellorsville

The regiment was in reserve and lost 3 enlisted men wounded

May 9 Major Gleason promoted to lieutenant colonel but never mustered
June 17 Lieutenant Colonel Gleason died of sunstroke at Gum Springs, Virginia. Captain Patrick Connelly of Company D was promoted to major with rank to May 11.
June 26 Mustered out
July 10 Honorably discharged from service under Colonel Charles A. Johnson and Major Connelly. Three years men were transferred to 44th New York Infantry.