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The 69th New York Infantry Regiment is a completely different unit, although it shared many personnel with the 69th New York State Militia.

In April of 1862 legislation changed the designation of militia units to “National Guard.”

April 23 The 69th New York State Militia left New York for Washington, D.C. under the command of Colonel Michael Corcoran, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Nugent and Major James Bagley.

  • Company A, “Irish Fusiliers” – Captain James Haggert
  • Company B, “Emmett Life Guards” – Captain T. Lynch
  • Company C, “O’Mahoney Guards” – Captain J. Cavanagh
  • Company D, “Fitzgerald Guards” – Captain T. Clarke
  • Company E, “Faig-a-Bealacs” – Captain Patrick Kelly
  • Company F, “Shields Guards” – Captain J. Breslin
  • Company G, “Irish Grenadiers/Mechanics Guards” – Captain F. Duffy
  • Company H, “Red Hand Guards” – Captain J. Kelly
  • Company I, “National Cadets” – Captain J.P. McIvor
  • Company K, “Irish Zouaves” – Captain T.F. Meagher
April 27 Duty at Annapolis, Maryland.
May 2 Moved to Washington, D.C. and stationed at Georgetown College. Duty in the defenses of the city.
May 9 Mustered in for three months. Lieutenant Colonel Robert Nugent fell from his horse and broke his shoulder riding near Camp Corcoran. Captain James Haggerty of Company A was appointed acting Lieutenanr Colonel.
May 24 Advance into Virginia and occupied Arlington Heights.
June Attached to Sherman’s Brigade, Tyler’s Division, McDowell’s Army of Northeast Virginia
July 16-21 Advance on Manassas, Virginia.
July 21

Battle of Bull Run (Manassas)

The 69th New York State Militia lost 38 men killed, 59 wounded, and 3 officers and 92 men captured. Colonel Corcoran was wounded and captured, and Lieutenant Colonel Haggerty was killed.

August 3 The 69th New York State Militia mustered out at New York City. Many men went on to enlist in the 69th New York Regiment in the famed Irish Brigade.

During its first Federal service the regiment lost Lieutenant Colonel Haggerty and 44 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 6 enlisted men to disease, a total of 51.

May 26 Mustered into United States service for ninety days under the command of Colonel James Bagley.
May 29 Left the State for Washington. Service in the Defenses of Washington.
September 3 Mustered out at New York City.
June 22 Entered United States service for thirty days and left New York for Baltimore under  the command of Colonel James Bagley.
June-July Duty at Baltimore, Maryland. Attached to 2nd Separate Brigade, 8th Army Corps, Middle Department.
July 25 Mustered out.
July 6 Mustered in for three months’ United States service under Colonel Bagley.
July-October Duty in New York Harbor.
October 6 Mustered out.