United States Regiments & Batteries

Ohio provided 309,906 men to the Union Army in 13 regiments, 5 battalions and 10 independent companies of cavalry; 2 regiments of heavy artilery; 42 batteries of light artillery, 10 companies of sharpshooters; and 227 regiments, 1 battalion and 5 independent companies of infantry. Most of these served in the west, but a large number made their way to the east.*


1st Ohio Infantry • 2nd Ohio Infantry • 4th Ohio Infantry • 5th Ohio Infantry

7th Ohio Infantry • 8th Ohio Infantry • 11th Ohio Infantry • 12th Ohio Infantry

23rd Ohio Infantry • 25th Ohio Infantry • 28th Ohio Infantry • 29th Ohio Infantry

30th Ohio Infantry • 32nd Ohio Infantry • 34th Ohio Infantry • 36th Ohio Infantry

55th Ohio Infantry • 60th Ohio Infantry • 61st Ohio Infantry • 62nd Ohio Infantry

66th Ohio Infantry • 67th Ohio Infantry • 73rd Ohio Infantry • 75th Ohio Infantry

82nd Ohio Infantry • 84th Ohio Infantry • 86th Ohio Infantry • 87th Ohio Infantry

91st Ohio Infantry • 107th Ohio Infantry • 110th Ohio Infantry • 116th Ohio Infantry

122nd Ohio Infantry • 123rd Ohio Infantry • 126th Ohio Infantry • 130th Ohio Infantry

131st Ohio Infantry • 132nd Ohio Infantry • 133rd Ohio Infantry • 134th Ohio Infantry

135th Ohio Infantry • 136th Ohio Infantry • 137th Ohio Infantry • 138th Ohio Infantry

139th Ohio Infantry • 142nd Ohio Infantry • 143rd Ohio Infantry • 144th Ohio Infantry

145th Ohio Infantry • 147th Ohio Infantry • 148th Ohio Infantry • 149th Ohio Infantry

150th Ohio Infantry • 151st Ohio Infantry • 153rd Ohio Infantry • 154th Ohio Infantry

155th Ohio Infantry • 157th Ohio Infantry • 159th Ohio Infantry • 160th Ohio Infantry

161st Ohio Infantry • 163rd Ohio Infantry • 164th Ohio Infantry • 166th Ohio Infantry

169th Ohio Infantry • 170th Ohio Infantry • 191st Ohio Infantry • 192nd Ohio Infantry

193rd Ohio Infantry • 194th Ohio Infantry • 195th Ohio Infantry • 196th Ohio Infantry

197th Ohio Infantry


1st Ohio Cavalry • 2nd Ohio Cavalry • 6th Ohio Cavalry • 13th Ohio Cavalry

3rd Independent Ohio Cavalry Company


1st Ohio Independent Battery • 1st Ohio Artillery, Battery H • 1st Ohio Artillery, Battery I

1st Ohio Artillery, Battery K • 1st Ohio Artillery, Battery L • 12th Ohio Independent Battery

26th Ohio Independent Battery