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The 28th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment lost 2 officers and 66 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 66 enlisted men to disease. It is honored by a monument at Antietam. The state and national colors survive in the Ohio Battle Flag Collection of the Ohio Historical Society.

June 10 Organized from volunteers from the Cincinatti area
July 6 Mustered in at Camp Dennison, Ohio, under Colonel Augustus Moore and Lieutenant-Colonel Gottfried Becker
July 31 Moved to Point Pleasant, Va. Attached to 2nd Brigade, Army of Occupation, W. Va.
August 11-12 Moved from Point Pleasant, Va., to Clarksburg
August 17-19 To Buckhannon
August 28-29 To Bulltown
September 1 To Sutton
September 7-9 To Summerville
September 10
Battle of Carnifex Ferry

The regiment lost lost three killed and twenty-seven wounded. Colonel Moore and Lieutenant-Colonel Gottfried Becker were badly injured when they fell off a rock ledge.

September 15-23 March to Camp Lookout and Big Sewell Mountain
October 6-9 Retreat to Camp Anderson
October 19-November 17 Operations in the Kanawha Valley and New River Region attached to McCook’s 2nd Brigade, District of the Kanawha, W. Va.
October 19-21 New River
December 6 Moved to Gauley
March Attached to 2nd Brigade, Kanawha Division, Dept. of the Mountains
May 10
Advance on Virginia & Tennessee Railroad

Colonel Moore was given command of the brigade as senior colonel and Lieutenant Colonel Becker took command of the regiment

May 11-15-16 & 17

The regiment lost six dead and eleven wounded

May 15 Wolf Creek
May-August At Flat Top Mountain
August 13-14 Blue Stone
August 15-24 Movement to Washington, D.C.
August 26 Marched to Fort Albany
September 4 Skrimish with Confederate Cavalry at Fall’s Church
September 6-22 Maryland Campaign. Attached to 2nd Brigade, Kanawha Division, 9th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac
September 12 Battle of Frederick City
September 14
Battle of South Mountain

Colonel Moore was captured and paroled. He would not be exchanged and return to the regiment until January.

September 16-17
Battle of Antietam

Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Gottfried Becker. The regiment lost 42 killed and wounded.

From the monument:

This Regiment was conducted by Gen. Crook on a reconnoissance above the Bridge over Antietam Creek on the morning of Sept. 17, 1862, and 5 companies succeeded in crossing the Creek before the capture of the bridge; it then formed part of the forces that charged and drove the enemy from the creek.

From the War Department marker for Crook’s Brigade on the Antietam bayylefield:

On the evening of September 16th Crook’s Brigade formed line on the ridge east of the Antietam, and north of the Burnside Bridge.

On the morning of the 17th, preceded by the 11th Connecticut of Harland’s Brigade as skirmishers, it attempted to carry the bridge but failed. About 2 P.M., five companies of the 28th Ohio crossed the stream at a ford 250 yards north of the bridge and advanced to the rising ground east of the Sharpsburg Road. The remainder of the Brigade crossed the bridge and moved up the road about 350 yards, when the united Brigade advanced over the high ground west of the road and supported the left of Willcox’s Division. It assisted in checking A.P. Hill’s advance but, the left of the line having been turned, it was obliged to withdraw to the cover of the ridge south and east of this line. This tablet marks the center of the advance position of the Brigade.

October 8 March to Clear Springs
October 9 To Hancock
October 14-November 17 March to the Kanawha Valley, West Va. and attached to 2nd Brigade, Kanawha Division, District of West Virginia, Dept. of the Ohio
November 17 Duty at Brownstown
December 1-10 Scout to Boone, Wyoming and Logan Counties
January 8 Moved to Buckhannon. Colonel Moore was exchanged and returned to command of the brigade as senior colonel, while Lieutenant Colonel Becker continued to command the regiment.
March Attached to Averill’s 4th Separate Brigade, 8th Army Corps, Middle Department
April 26-27 To Clarksburg
May 9-12 To Weston
June 17 Moved to New Creek and attached to Averill’s 4th Separate Brigade, Dept. of West Virginia
July 2-7 To Beverly
November 1-17 Averill’s Raid from Beverly against Lewisburg and the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad
November 5 Mill Point
November 6 Droop Mountain
November 10 Elk Mountain hear Hillsborough
December 13-17 March through Elk Mountain Pass to Beverly attached to 1st Brigade, 4th Division, West Virginia
April 23-29 Moved to Join Army of the Shenandoah at Bunker Hill attached to 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry, Division West Virginia
April 30-May 16 Sigel’s Expedition to New Market
May 15 Near Strasburg
May 16 Battle of New Market
May 26-June 8 Hunter’s Expedition to Lynchburg, Va.
June 5

The regiment lost 33 killed and 105 out of 484 men engaged. Two color-bearers were killed and three wounded, and the regimental flag was holed in 72 places

June 6 Occupation of Staunton
June 7 Feint toward Lynchburg, destroying railroad track and bridges
June 8-18 March of 147 miles to Webster on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad with 1,000 prisoners, 150 wounded and hundreds of refugees
June 19-22 Guard prisoners to Camp Morton, Ind., thence moved to Cincinnati, Ohio.
June 23 Mustered out after review by Governor Morton
September Reorganized as a Veteran Battalion and ordered to Wheeling, W. Va. Duty there and in the Reserve Division of West Virginia
July 13 Mustered out at Wheeling, W. Va.