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April 26 Organized at Camp Curtin, Harrisburg under Colonel Richard A Oakford, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Biddle and Major Stephen Bradford
May 9 At Camp Johnston, Lancaster, Pa.
June 3 At Chambersburg, Pa. and attached to Negley’s 5th Brigade, Keim’s 2nd Division, Patterson’s Army
June 16 Moved to Hagerstown
June 18 To Williamsport
July 2 Crossed the Potomac.

Affair with Ashby’s Cavalry

Company I was on the skirmish line when approached by cavalry in blue uniform blouses, whose officer ordered them to let down a rail fence they were behind. On doing so the cavalry advanced and surrounded the men, shooting the first sergeant and capturing Second Lieutenant John B. Hutchinson and 34 men. Six of the prisoners died from harsh treatment and abuse before being exchanged in April of 1862.

July 3 Occupation of Martinsburg, Va.
July 15 Advance on Bunker Hill
July 17-25 At Charlestown
July 27-August 8 At Carlisle, Pa.
August 8 Mustered out. Colonel Oakford went on to become colonel of the 132nd Pennsylvania Infantry