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The 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment lost 33 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 1 officer and 96 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.

June and July Organized at Harrisburg for six months service
June-July Engaged in guarding fords of the Susquehanna above and below Harrisburg, and picketing roads into Cumberland Valley
July 6-24 Pursuit of Lee
August Moved to Harper’s Ferrfor duty there and and in the Shenandoah Valley. Attached to Cavalry Brigade, 1st Division, Dept. West Virginia
October 13 Action at Burlington, W. Va.
November 16 Mt. Jackson and Upperville
February 5 Mustered out
February Re-Organized at Chambersburg by consolidation of a battalion of six months Cavalry and the Ringgold Cavalry Battalion of five Companies
February 22 Washington County Cavalry Company and Lafayette Cavalry Company consolidated with the regiment
March 1 Moved to Martinsburg, W. Va. then to Cumberland, Md. Attached to Reserve Division, Dept. of West Virginia
March 5 Jacob C. Higgins, former lieutenant colonel of the 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry and colonel of the 125th Pennsylvania Infantry, was appointed colonel.
April Attached to 2nd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Army of West Virginia. Dismounted men attached to Reserve Division, Pleasant Valley, Md., Dept. West Virginia
April 30-May 16 Sigel’s Expedition from Martinsburg to New Market
May 10 Lost River Gap
May 12 Lynchburg
May 15 New MarketDismounted men at Camp Stoneman
May 17-18 Lynchburg
May 26-July 1 Hunter’s Expedition to Lynchburg
June 5 Piedmont, Mt. Crawford
June 6 Occupation of Staunton
June 16 Dismounted men at Martinsburg attached to Kelly’s Command, West Virginia
June 19 Newtown
June 20 Salem
June 21 Catawba Mountains
July 3 Dismounted men at Leetown and Darkesville.
July 4-7 Dismounted men – Operations about Harper’s Ferry
July 5-15 Regiment moved to Shenandoah Valley
July 6 Dismounted men at Hagerstown, Md.
July 6-7 Dismounted men at Maryland Heights
July 7 Dismounted men at Antietam Bridge
July 17-18 Regiment at Snicker’s Ferry
July 19 Ashby’s Gap and Berry’s Ford
July 22 Dismounted men ordered to Pleasant Valley. Colonel Higgins temporarily took command of the brigade as senior officer.
July 23 Regiment near Kernstown
July 24
Second Battle of Kernstown
July 25 Bunker Hill and Martinsburg
July 29 Colonel Higgins was dismissed for having caused a panic among the teamsters at Kernstown. He would be reinstated in October.
August 7 Near Moorefield
August 8 Dismounted men joined Torbert
August Regiment reunited at Hagerstown and was attached to 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, Cavalry Corps, Army Shenandoah
August to November

Sheridan’s Shenandoah Valley Campaign

August 19 Near Opequan Creek
August 20 Opequan Creek
August 21 Near Berryville and Summit Point
August 21-22 Charlestown
August 26 Williamsport
August 31 Martinsburg
September 2 Darkesville
September 2-3 Bunker Hill
September 10 Darkesville
September 13 Bunker Hill
September 14 Near Berryville
September 18 Near Martinsburg
September 19
Third Battle of Winchester (Opequan)
September 22
Fisher’s Hill
September 23-24 Mt. Jackson
September 24 Forest Hill or Timberville
September 26 Brown’s Gap
September 26-27 Weyer’s Cave
September 28 Port Republic
October 19
Battle of Cedar Creek
October 23 Dry Run
October 25 Colonel Higgins’ dismissal from Kernstown was revoked due to insufficient evidence.
October Moved to Martinsburg
December 20 At New Creek and duty in Hardy, Hampshire and Pendleton Counties. Attached to Reserve Division, Department of West Virginia
January 11-15 Scout to Greenland Gap and Franklin
March 14-17 Scout to Moorefield
April Attached to 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, West Virginia
June 24 Consolidated with 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry to form 3rd Provisional Cavalry