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April 13 “First Defenders” tender services to the government:
Co. A: Ringgold Light Artillery of Reading
Co. D: Logan Guard of Lewiston
Co. E: Washington Artillery of Pottsville
Co. G: National Light Infantry of Pottsville
Co. H: Allen Rifles of Allentown
April 16-17 Moved to Harrisburg
April 18 Remainder of regiment organized at Harrisburg, Pa. under Colonel Henry L. Cake, Lieutenant Colonel John B. Selheimer and Major James H. Campbell
April 18 First Defenders Moved to Washington, D.C., via Baltimore. Md. and assigned to the Department of Washington. Quartered in the Capitol, guarded Arsenal and Navy Yard. Logan Guard and Washington Artillery on duty at Fort Washington.; Remainder of regiment camped near Arsenal.
June 28 Companies B, E and H remained as the garrison at Fort Washington until mustered out

Companies A and C remained at Washington Arsenal until mustered out.

June 29-30 Companies D, F, G, I and K marched to Rockville, Md. under Lieutenant Colonel Selheimer to join Stone’s Command,
July 1 Reported at Poolesville, and moved to Sandy Hook, opposite Harper’s Ferry. Colonel Cake arived to resume command, and Major Campbell, a member of the U. S. Congress, left for Washington for the congressional session called on July 4th
July 6-8 Marched to Martinsburg and attached to Stone’s 7th Brigade, Sanford’s 3rd Division, Patterson’s Army
July 15 Advance to Bunker Hill
July 17-23 Camp at Harper’s Ferry
July 23 Moved by rail via Baltimore to Harrisburg and reunited with the companies left behind in Washington
August 1 Mustered out
The regiment reorganized for three years service as the 96th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.