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April 20 Organized at Camp Curtin, Harrisburg, under Colonel Robert P. McDowell, Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin C. Crist and Major R. Bruce Petriken
April 21 Moved by rail toward Baltimore, but returned to Harrisburg, and then moved to Philadelphia
April 22 Arrived in Philadelphia
April 23 To Perryville and Annapolis, Md.
April 26 To Annapolis Junction. The train that was to have taken the regiment there had been derailed, and the regiment was forced to proceed on foot
April 27 To Washington, D.C. Visited by President Lincoln and Secretary Seward.
May 7 The regiment received uniforms from the state.
May 28 At Alexandria, Va.
June 3 Moved to Shutter’s Hill. Attached to Franklin’s Brigade of McDowell’s Army of Northeast Virginia and duty at Alexandria
July 3 Colonel McDowell was tried for allegedly being drunk and unfit for duty on June 27 at Alexandria. After conflicting testimony Colonel McDowell stated that he had taken a drink, but since he had been in the saddle for 20 out of 24 hours three days running he needed it as a stimulant to keep going, and was never drunk. McDowell was acquitted. (from Tarnished Eagles, pp. 104-105, by Thomas P. Lowry M.D.)
July 20 Left for Harrisburg to muster out
July 25 Mustered out. Lieutenant Colonel Christ became colonel of the 50th Pennsylvania Infantry.