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Battery D lost 11 enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 officer and 18 enlisted men to disease in the Civil War.

Organized at Philadelphia under Captain Edward H. Flood
August 5 Moved to Washington, D.C. Duty in the Defenses of Washington, D. C. attached to Buell’s Division, Army Potomac
March Ordered to the Virginia Peninsula. Attached to Artillery, 1st Division, 4th Army Corps, Army Potomac
April 5-May 4

Siege of Yorktown

May 5
Battle of Williamsburg
May 31-June 1
Battle of Fair Oaks, Seven Pines
June 25-July 1

Seven days before Richmond

June 29
James River Road near Fair Oaks and Charles City Cross Roads

Lieutenant Michael Hall was promoted to captain.

July 1
Malvern Hill
July 19 Captain Flood promoted to Lt. Colonel.
July-August At Harrison’s Landing
August 16-26 Movement to join Pope
August 26 Sulphur Springs

Maryland Campaign

Attached to Artillery, 3rd Division, 6th Army Corps, Army Potomac

September 16-17
Battle of Antietam

The battery was armed with four 10-pounder Parrott Rifles. It did not arrive on the battlefield until after the battle.

September – October Duty in Maryland
October 29-
November 19
Movement to Falmouth, Va.
December 12-15
Battle of Fredericksburg
January 20-24 “Mud March”
February-April At Falmouth
March 21 Captain Hall resigned. Lieutenant Andrew Rosney took command of the battery.
April 27-May 6

Chancellorsville Campaign

April 29-May 2 Operations at Franklin’s Crossing
May 3
Marye’s Heights (Second Battle of Fredericksburg)

Attached to Artillery Brigade, 6th Army Corps

May 3-4
Salem Heights
May 4
Banks’ Ford
June Ordered to Washington, D.C. and attached to Camp Barry, Defenses of Washington, D.C.
August Ordered to Harper’s Ferry, W. Va. attached to Artillery, Dept. West Virginia
December Attached to 1st Brigade, 1st Division, West Virginia
January Attached to Wheaton’s Brigade, Dept. West Virginia
January 20 Lieutenant Rosney was promoted to captain
April Attached to Artillery Brigade, Dept. West Virginia
August to November

Sheridan’s Shenandoah Valley Campaign

September 3 Berryville
September 6 Captain Rosney resigned. Lieutenant William Munk took over command of the battery.
September 19
Third Battle of Winchester (Opequon)
September 22
Battle of Fisher’s Hill
October 19
Battle of Cedar Creek

The battery brought six 10-pounder Parrott Rifles to the field under Lieutenant William Munk. They were positioned behind Thoburn’s fortifications east of the Vallley Pike. When Thoburn’s position collapsed the battery was unable to fire because Thoburn’s retreating infantry were mixed in with the attackers of Wofford’s Georigia Brigade when they came out of the fog at twenty paces. Defending themselves with sponge staffs and tools, six men were killed, six wounded and eighteen were captured, including Lieutenant James Boyle, who sabered an attacker before being beaten to the ground. All six guns were captured, but were recovered after the battle when the collapse of a bridge south of Strasburg on the Valley Pike prevented the retreating Confederates from bringing away the captured pieces.

January Duty at Maryland Heights and in Dept. of West Virginia attached to 1st Separate Brigade, Dept. West Virginia
March 9 Lieutenant Munk was promoted to captain
May Attached to 2nd Infantry Division, West Virginia
June 30 Mustered out under Captain Munk