United States Regiments & Batteries

Rhode Island provided 21,358 men to the United States Army. They were organized into 12 regiments of infantry, 3 regiments and 1 battalion of cavalry; 3 regiments of heavy artillery, and 10 batteries of light artillery. *


1st Rhode Island Infantry • 2nd Rhode Island Infantry • 3rd Rhode Island Infantry

4th Rhode Island Infantry • 7th Rhode Island Infantry • 9th Rhode Island Infantry

10th Rhode Island Infantry • 11th Rhode Island Infantry • 12th Rhode Island Infantry

The 5th Infantry served outside the Eastern Theater and the 6th and 8th Infantry never completed their organization.


1st Rhode Island Cavalry Regiment • 7th Rhode Island Cavalry Squadron

The  2nd and 3rd Cavalry Regiments served outside the Eastern Theater.


1st Rhode Island Light Artillery Regiment

Battery A • Battery B • Battery C • Battery D

Battery E • Battery F • Battery G • Battery H

Tompkins Marine Artillery

10th Rhode Island Battery 

3rd Regiment Heavy Artillery, Battery C

5th Heavy Artillery

Much of the heavy artillery served outside the Eastern Theater.