United States Regiments & Batteries * United States Regulars

Battery I is honored by a monument at Gettysburg.

September Organized in Washington. Duty in the Defenses of Washington, D. C. attached to Artillery Reserve, Army Potomac
March Ordered to the Virginia Peninsula.
April 5-May 4 Siege of Yorktown
May Attached to Artillery, 2nd Division, 5th Army Corps, Army Potomac
June 20 Near New Bridge
June 25-July 1 Seven days before Richmond
June 26 Mechanicsville
June 27 Gaines’ Mill
June 30 Turkey Bend
July 1 Malvern Hill
August 16-28 Movement from Harrison’s Landing to Centreville
August 28-September 2 Pope’s Campaign in Northern Virginia
August 29 Battles of Groveton
August 30 Bull Run
September 6-22 Maryland Campaign
September 16-17
Battle of Antietam

The battery was commanded by Captain Stephen H. Weed. It was armed with four 3″ Ordnance Rifles.

From Captain Weed’s report:

On the 16th the battery was planted on a prominent height near the center of our line, where it remained until the morning of the 19th. Four 20-pounder Parrott guns, commanded by Lieutenant Wever [1st Battalion New York Light Artillery, Battery A ], were also placed under my orders by the chief of artillery, and remained until I left. Some good practice was made by those guns.  On the 16th and during the battle of the 17th the batteries under my command had several opportunities, which were improved, of opening with effect upon the artillery and infantry of the enemy at ranges varying from 1,200 to 2,500 yards. Nothing but case-shot was at any time fired from my own guns.

September 19
Shepherdstown Ford

From Captain Weed’s report:

On the 19th my battery was in position near the ford, and engaged and silenced at least four guns opposed to it. It is believed that one or two of these guns were abandoned by the enemy and taken by some of our people the next day. It is a matter of slight consequence perhaps, that they are claimed by others, but no battery fought them except my own.

On the 19th I remounted a 10-pounder Parrott gun which had been abandoned, and have since sent it to the general commanding the corps.

September 20 ShepherdstownFrom Captain Weed’s report:

On the 20th my guns commanded the opposite approaches to the ford, and assisted to check the enemy in his attack upon our troops who had crossed. I had a considerable body of his infantry under my fire for several minutes at a distance of not more than 1,000 yards. The fire was effective.

October 30-November 19 Movement to Falmouth, Va.
December 12-15
Battle of Fredericksburg
April 27-May 6 Chancellorsville Campaign
May 1-5
Battle of Chancellorsville
May Attached to Artillery Brigade, 5th Army Corps
June 11-July 24 Gettysburg Campaign
July 1-3
Battle of Gettysburg

The battery was commanded by Lieutenant Malbone F. Watson and brought four 3 inch Rifles to the field.

From the monument on the Trostle farm at Gettysburg:

July 2. About 4:30 p.m. arrived and took position north of Little Round Top 5:30 moved to the front at the Peach Orchard. On the advance of the Confederates driving back the infantry the Battery was retired across Plum Run near the Trostle House and fired shell and canister at the approaching Confederates until the Battery disabled by the loss of men and horses was captured by the 21st Mississippi Infantry. It was almost immediately recaptured with the assistance of the 39th New York Infantry and being unserviceable was taken to the Artillery Brigade.

Casualties: killed 1 man, wounded 1 officer and 18 men, missing 2 men

July At Camp Barry, Washington, D.C., 22nd Army Corps
November Consolidated with Battery C and attached to Artillery Brigade, 2nd Army Corps, Army Potomac
May 4-June 12 Rapidan Campaign
May 5-7
Battle of the Wilderness
May 8-21
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
May 10 Po River
May 12 Assault on the Salient
May 22-26 North Anna River
May 26-28 On line of the Pamunkey
May 28-31 Totopotomoy
June 1-12
Cold Harbor
June 16-18 First Assault on Petersburg
June 16 to April 2 Siege of Petersburg
June 22 Jerusalem Plank Road
July 27-29 Deep Bottom
August 18-21 Weldon Railroad
October 27-28 Boydton Plank Road, Hatcher’s Run


March 25 Fort Stedman. Attached to Artillery Reserve, Army Potomac
March 28-April 9 Appomattox Campaign
April 2 Assaults on and fall of Petersburg
May Moved to Washington, D. C.
May 23 Grand Review
June Duty at Washington, D. C.