United States Regiments & Batteries * West Virginia

April Company A organized at Pittsburgh, Pa.
May 9 Company A was not accepted by Pennsylvania. Moved to Wheeling, W. Va.
May 20 Company B, Grafton Guards organized
May 21 Company A mustered in
May 25 Company A moved with 1st West Virginia Infantry along line of Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.Company B moved to Wheeling, W. Va., and mustered in
May 26-28 Guard Glover’s Gap (Company A)
May 27 Action with Capt. Roberts’ Command Company (Company A)
May 28 Company A moved to Grafton. Detached as Body Guard to Gen. Geo. B. McClellan on his assuming command of the Army of West Virginia.
June 1 Company C organized at Wheeling and mustered in
June 14 Company D organized at Pittsburg, Pa., and mustered in at Wheeling, W. Va.
June 16 Company E organized at Wheeling, W. Va., mustered in, and moved to Clarksburg
June Company D moved to Clarksburg, W. Va.
June 13 Company G organized at Pittsburg, Pa., and mustered in at Wheeling, W. Va.
June 24 Company F organized at Pittsburg, Pa., and mustered in at Wheeling, W. Va.
June 28 Company B moved to Mannington. Company H organized at Ironton, Ohio, and mustered in at Wheeling, W. Va.
July 1 Company B moved to Grafton. Company C moved to Beverly and joined Regiment.
July 4 Company B moved to Phillippi
July 5 Companies F and G left Wheeling and joined Regiment at Beverly.
July 5-6 Companies C, D, E guard supply train to Rich Mountain then march to Beverly.
July 6-17 Participated in the West Virginia CampaignA detachment of Company at Bealington until January 25, 1862, guarding supply trains between Webster and Beverly and scouting.
July 7 Laurel Hill
July 9-10 Company I organized in Washington County, Pa. Moved to Wheeling, W. Va.
July 10 Company I mustered in
July 13 Carrick’s Ford
July Company B (Grafton Guards) moved to Beverly and transferred to 2nd West Virginia Infantry Regiment as Company B.
July 21 Company K organized at Parkersburg, W. Va. and mustered in
July 22-27 Company I moved to Grafton, Webster and Beverly
Auguat Duty at Beverly, W. Va. attached to Army of Occupation, W. Va.
August 20 Laurel Fork Creek
September 11 Ordered to Elkwater and attached to Cheat Mountain, District West Virginia
September 11-17 Operations on Cheat Mountain
September 12 Cheat Mountain Pass
September 13 Camp Allegheny
December 31 Expedition to Huntersville
January 3 Huntersville
January-April At Cheat Mountain Summit
January 8 & February 8 Dry Fork, Cheat River (Company B)
January-April At Cheat Mountain Summit
March Attached to Cheat Mountain District, Dept. of the Mountains
April 5-May 8 Advance on Staunton attached to Milroy’s Brigade, Dept. of the Mountains
April 12 Monterey
May 8
Battle of McDowell
May 26 Near Franklin
June 8
Battle of Cross Keys
June Attached to Milroy’s Independent Brigade, 1st Army Corps, Pope’s Army of Virginia
June 20-July 5 At Strasburg
July 5-11 Advance to Luray
July 11 Moved to Sperryville
July 22 To Woodville, and duty there
August 9
Battle of Cedar Mountain
August 16-September 2 Pope’s Campaign in Northern Virginia
August 21-23 Fords of the Rappahannock
August 22 Freeman’s Ford, Hazel River
August 23-25 Waterloo Bridge
August 28
August 29
August 30
Second Battle of Bull Run (Manassas)
September Duty in the Defenses of Washington
September 29-October 9 Moved to Beverly, W. Va. and attached to District of West Virginia, Dept. of Ohio
January 22 Cockletown
February 10-12 Expedition into Pocahontas County (Detachment)
March Attached to 4th Separate Brigade, 8th Army Corps, Middle Department
April 11-18 Scout to Franklin
April 24 Beverly
April Regiment mounted at Grafton.
May 6 West Union
June Attached to Averill’s 4th Separate Brigade, West Virginia
August 5-31 Averill’s Raid through Hardy, Pendleton, Highland, Bath, Greenbrier and Pocahontas Counties
August 25 Jackson River
August 26-27 Rocky Gap near White Sulphur Springs
September 25 Seneca Trace Crossing, Cheat River (Detachment)
November 1-17 Averill’s Raid on Lewisburg and the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad
November 5 Mill Point
November 6
Droop Mountain
December 8-25 Averill’s Raid from New Creek to Salem on Virginia & Tennessee Railroad. Attached to 3rd Brigade, 4th Division, West Virginia
December 12 Gatewood’s
December 16 Salem
December 19 Scott’s or Barber’s Creek (Detachment)
December 30 Covington
January At Martinsburg
January 26 Designation changed to 5th West Virginia Cavalry