49 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1856
44 served in the Civil War

Class of 1856 members who served in the Civil War

For Federal officers indicated rank is as U.S. Volunteers unless shown as “USA,” which indicates rank in the Regular U.S. Army.

Frank Armistead 34 Colonel Killed at Bentonville, March 1865
Guilford D. Bailey 17 Colonel Killed, Fair Oaks, May 1862
Edmund C. Bainbridge 20 Major
John W. Barringer 13 Major USA Commissary staff
George Dashiell Bayard 11 Brigadier General Mortally wounded, Fredericksburg, Dec. 1862
Herman Biggs 35 Lieutenant Colonel Quartermaster Staff
Samuel Sprigg Carroll 44 Brigadier General
Arthur S. Cunningham 48 Lieutenant Colonel
Herbert M. Enos 48 Colonel Quartermaster Staff
William T. Gentry 36 Captain USA Staff
Jeremiah H. Gilman 24 Captain USA Artillery & Commissary Staff
Henry V. De Hart 5 Captain USA Mortally wounded, Gaines’ Mill, June, 1862
James William Forsyth 28 Lieutenant Colonel Staff
Herbert A. Hascall 8 Captain USA Artillery
David C. Houston 2 Major Engineer
J. McLean Hildt 46 Captain USA
William B. Hughes 43 Captain USA Quartermaster staff
George Jackson 30 Major
William Hicks Jackson 38 Brigadier General
Charles Cochrane Lee 4 Colonel Killed Battle of Glendale, June 1862
Fitzhugh Lee 45 Major General Major General USV in Spanish-American War
Richard Lodor 22 Lieutenant Colonel Staff
Lunsford Lomax 21 Major General
Lorenzo Lorain 14 Captain USA Artillery
Robert S.C. Lord 40 Captain USA
Hylan Benton Lyon 19 Brigadier General
James Patrick Major 23 Brigadier General
Miles D. McAlester 3 Captain USA Corps of Engineers
Owen K. McLemore 39 Lieutenant Colonel Killed at South Mountain September 1862
James McMillan 42 Captain USA
Thomas E. Miller 25 1st Lieutenant USA Retired from active servce due to disease 1862
John K. Mizner 33 Colonel
Wesley Owens 16 Lieutenant Colonel
Orlando Metcalf Poe 6 Brigadier General
A. Parker Porter 9 Lieutenant Colonel USA Quartermaster and Commisary Staff
John F. Ritter 32 Colonel
William Price Sanders 41 Brigadier General Mortally wounded Campbell’s Station, Nov. 1863
John Brognard Shinn 18 Captain USA Artillery
George W. Snyder 1 First Lieutenant USA Died of disease November 1861
Charles B. Stivers 26 Captain USA Retired from active servce due to disability 1864
Thomas Crook Sullivan 12 Lieutenant Colonel USA Commissary Staff
Joseph H. Taylor 31 Lieutenant Colonel Staff
Francis Laurens Vinton 10 Brigadier General
Thomas W. Walker 29 Captain USA Retired from active servce due to disease 1863

Class members who did not serve in the Civil War

James B.S. Alexander 37 Resigned May 1861, died August 1861
John Bennett 15 Second Lieutenant Died on Duty Ft. Brown, Texas 1859
Brayton C. Ives 47 Second Lieutenant Died on duty Ft. Clark, Texas 1857
William Gaston 27 Second Lieutenant Killed in fight with indians, Washington, 1858
Henry M. Tipton 7 First Lieutenant Died on duty, Benicia, Cal. 1861

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