Confederate Regiments & Batteries * Alabama

The 26th Alabama Infantry Regiment was organized in Alabama in December of 1861 and surrendered in April of 1865 at Greensboro,  North Carolina.

December Organized at Tuscumbia around the 3rd Alabama Infantry Battalion under Colonel William Russell Smith, Lieutenant Colonel Edward A. O’Neal and Major John S. Garvin.
February 16 Two companies that were detached under Major John S. Garvin and Captain David F. Bryan of Company A were captured at Fort Donelson.
March 24 Ordered to report to General Magruder at Yorktown
March 27 Colonel Smith resigned to take his seat in congress and Lieutenant Colonel O’Neal was promoted to colonel. Major William H. Hunt of the 35th Alabama Infantry was elected lieutenant colonel of the 26th Alabama and William C. Reeder was elected major.
May 31- June 1
Battle of Seven Pines

Commanded by Colonel Edward O’Neal, who was wounded by a shell fragment.

June 20 Lt. Colonel William Henry Hunt died of typhoid fever in Marietta, Gerogia while in transit to Virginia. Major Reeder was promoted to lieutenant colonel.
June 26

Battle of Mechanicsville

June 27 – 28
First Battle of Cold Harbor, or Gaines’ Mill

4 killed, 28 wounded

June 30 Captain Raymond Redden of Company K was promoted to major.
July 1-5
Battle of Malvern Hill

13 killed, 73 wounded

September 15
Battle of Boonesboro (South Mountain)

Colonel O’Neal and Major Reddin were wounded.

September 17
Battles of Sharpsburg (Antietam)

The 26th Alabama lost 10 men killed, 45 wounded at Sharpsburg and Boonesboro.

October 28 The two detached companies under Lt. Colonel Garvin were exchanged and returned to the regiment.
November 3 Lieutenant Colonel Reeder was dropped due to a “prolonged absence.” Major Gavin was promoted to lieutenant colonel effective to April 23.
December 4 Major Reddin resigned due to his wound from Bonesboro. Captain David F. Bryan was promoted to major.
November Assigned to Rodes’ Brigade, D.H. Hill’s Division, Second Corps
December 13
Battle of Fredericksburg

Lieutenant Colonel Gavin commanded the regiment while Colonel O’Neal commanded the brigade. The regiment loss 4 men wounded

May 1-4
Battle of Chancellorsville

Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Garvin while Colonel O’Neal still commanded the brigad, the regiment led the charge in Jackson’s flank attack. The 26th briefly lost its colors but counterattacked and recovered them, suffering 13 killed and 85 wounded. Captains Thomas Taylor and R. K. Wood were killed; Colonel O’Neal was wounded for the third time, and Lieutenant Colonel John Garvin and Captain E. M. Vandiver were wounded. At the close of the battle Lieutenant M. J. Taylor was in command of the regiment as senior unwounded officer.

May 7 Assigned to Rodes’ Brigade, Rodes’ Division, Second Corps
June 9
Battle of Brandy Station
July 1-3
Battle of Gettysburg

The 26th Alabama was under the temporary command of Colonel John C. Goodgame while Colonel O’Neal commanded the brigade. It fought on July 1 on Oak Ridge and on July 3 on Culp’s Hill. The regiment suffered 7 killed and 58 wounded and 65 missing; Lieutenants John Fowler and W. L. Branyon were killed.

From the brigade monument at Gettysburg:

July 1. Soon after arriving at this position three regiments attacked the Union flank, the 5th Regiment being ordered to guard the wide interval between the Brigade and Doles’s Brigade in the valley on the left and the 3rd Regiment joining Daniel’s and afterwards Ramseur’s Brigade. The three regiments were repulsed with heavy loss but the entire Brigade took part in the general attack soon made by the Confederates which finally dislodged the Union forces from Seminary Ridge.

July 2. The Brigade in position all day in or near the town but not engaged.

July 3. The 5th Regiment lay in the southern borders of the town firing upon the Union artillery with their long range rifles. The other regiments moved to Culp’s Hill to reinforce Johnson’s Division.

July 4. Moved to Seminary Ridge. At night began the march to Hagerstown.

August 25 Assigned to Battle’s Brigade, Rodes’ Division, Second Corps
October 10 -21
Bristoe Campaign

The regiment lost 2 men killed

February At Andersonville, Georgia, guarding prisoners
May 14 Regiment ordered to Dalton, Georgia
June Attached to Cantey’s Brigade of the Army of Tennessee
November 30
Battle of Franklin

Lieutenant Colonel Garvin was again wounded

December 15 – 16
Battle of Nashville
April Surrendered at Greensboro, North Carolina