United States Regiments & Batteries

Wisconsin provided 91,194 men to the Union Army in 4 regiments of cavalry; 1 regiment of heavy artillery; 13 batteries of light artillery; 1 company of sharpshooters; and 54 regiments of infantry. Although most served in the western theater, the small number that served in the east made reputations as some of the army’s best units. *

Wisconsin Infantry

1st Wisconsin Infantry • 2nd Wisconsin Infantry  • 3rd Wisconsin Infantry • 4th Wisconsin Infantry

5th Wisconsin Infantry  • 6th Wisconsin Infantry • 7th Wisconsin Infantry • 19th Wisconsin Infantry

26th Wisconsin Infantry • 36th Wisconsin Infantry • 37th Wisconsin Infantry  • 38th Wisconsin Infantry

Wisconsin Artillery

1st Regiment Heavy Artillery, Battery A • 1st Regiment Heavy Artillery, Batteries E-M

2nd Battery Light Artillery • 4th Battery Light Artillery