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November 25 Created at Charleston, Tennessee, from four companies of the 1st Infantry Battalion and the 3nd Infantry Battalion of Hilliard’s Legion. The 60th Alabama was under the command of Colonel John W. A. Sanford, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel S. Troy, Major Hatch Cook, and Adjutant James N. Gilmer. It was assigned to Gracie’s Brigade, Buckner’s Division, Department of East Tennessee.Company A – Pike County – Captain George F. Boatwright
Company B – “Rebecca Williams’ Rifles” – Coosa County – Captain Thomas H. Smith
Company C – Montgomery County – Captain Peter M. McEachen
Company D – State of Georgia – Captain Robert B. Lockhart
Company E – Henry County – Captain James W. Stokes
Company F – Montgomery County – Captain David A. Clark
Company G – Pike County – Captain John McCreless
Company H – Butler County – Captain J. M. Tarbutton
Company I – Lowndes County – Captain W. H. Zeigler
Company K – Chambers County – Captain John W. Smith
Siege of Knoxville
December 15
Battle of Bean’s Station
December 24
February 27 Captain George F. Boatwright of Company A resigned. Captain Simeon A. Williams took over as commander of Company A.
April Moved to Virginia
April 25-30
May Assigned to Gracie’s Brigade, Department of Richmond
May 16
Drewry’s Bluff
May 10
Chester Station
Siege of Petersburg
July Assigned to Gracie’s Brigade, Johnson’s Division, Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia
July 30
Battle of the Crater
October Assigned to Gracie’s Brigade, Johnson’s Division, 4th Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
December 2 Brigadier General Gracie was killed and Colonel Moody of the 43rd Alabama Infantry took command of the brigade.
February 5-7
Hatcher’s Run
March 25 Lieutenant Colonel Troy was wounded and captured leading a charge while carrying the regimental colors. The colors were taken by a member of the 124th New York Infantry Regiment.
March 31
White Oak Road

Major Hatch Cook was killed, and Captains Simeon A. Williams of Company A,  J. M. Tarbutton of Company H, and John W. Smith of Company I were wounded.

Appomattox Campaign
April 6
Battle of Sayler’s Creek

Many men from the regiment were captured or scattered.

April 8 Colonel Stansel took command of the brigade when Brigadier General Moody was captured.
April 9
Appomattox Court House

The 60th Alabama Infantry Regiment surrendered 14 officers and 170 men. Captain David A. Clark of Company F was mortally wounded when the regiment overran a Federal battery just before the surrender.