Confederate Regiments & Batteries * Alabama

The 61st Alabama Infantry Regiment was organized at Pollard, Alabama in May of 1863 and was surrendered at Appomattox Court House in April of 1865. 

May 2 Organized as a nine company battalion at Pollard, Alabama
  Assigned to Clanton’s Brigade, Department of the Gulf.
February 12

Expanded to a regiment by adding another company. Sent to Virginia under the command of Colonel William G. Swanson, Lieutenant Colonel Louis H. Hill and Major William E. Pinckard. Assigned to Battle’s Brigade, Rodes’ Division, Second Corps.

The regiment replaced the 26th Alabama Infantry, which had escorted Federal prisoners to prison camp in Georgia and had never been returned.

May 5-7
Battle of the Wilderness

Captain Archibald D. McCaskill of Company G was killed. He was replaced by Captain Nathan R. Joiner.

May 8-18
Battle of Spotsylvania

Captain Alfred F. Zachary of Company F was wounded and would retire, replaced by Captain Richard W. Allen. Captain James Fannin of Company A and Captain William J. Porter of Company D were captured. Porter would die in a Federal prison camp. Captain Eugenius F. Baber of Company E retired and was replaced by Captain August B. Fannin. 

June 3
Battle of Cold Harbor

Captain August B. Fannin of Company E was wounded. Captain Robert A. Peterson of Company B retired. Captain William H. Philpot took command of Company B.

June 13 Transferred to the Shenandoah Valley and assigned to Battle’s Brigade, Rodes’ Division, Army of the Valley.
June 17-18 Battle of Lynchburg
June 19-21 Pursuit of Hunter
June 26 At Stanton
June 30 At New Market
July 1 Marched through Winchester
July 5-6 Crossed the Potomac at Boteler’s Ford
July 9
Battle of Monocacy
July 11-12
Battle of Fort Stevens
July 17-18
Battle of Snicker’s Gap (Cool Spring)

Captain Andrew J. Slaughter of Company I was wounded.

July 24
Second Battle of Kernstown
July 25

Captain James S. Hastings of Company I retired and was replaced by Captain Andrew J. Slaughter.

August 19
Snicker’s Gap

Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Louis H. Hill

September 19
Third Battle of Winchester

Captain August B. Fannin of Company E was wounded for the second time.

September 20 Major General Ramseur took command of the division after General Rodes was killed. Captain Sidney B. Paine of Company H retired and was replaced by Captain William A. Campbell.
October 19
Battle of Cedar Creek

Commanded by Major Pinckard.

October 20 With the death of General Ramseur, Brigadier General Bryan Grimes took command of the division. Major William E. Pinckard was in command of the regiment.
mid-December The division left the Shenandoah Valley and returned to the Richmond defences under the command of Major William E. Pinckard as part of the Second Corps.
Siege of Petersburg
February 23 Brigadier General Bryan Grimes was promoted to major general and given permanent command of the division. Captain William A. Campbell of Company H resigned.
March 25
Battle of Fort Stedman (Hare’s Hill)

Captain Nathan R. Joiner was killed.

April 2
Breakthrough at Petersburg

Lieutenant Colonel Louis Hill, Major William Pinckard, and Captain William H. Philpot of Company B were captured.

April 9
Appomattox Court House

The 61st Alabama Infantry Regiment surrendered 27 men. under the command of Captain August B. Fannin.