Confederate Regiments & BatteriesArkansas

April The 1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment began to organize from existing militia companies.
May 6 The regiment was organized at Little Rock, electing the following officers:

Colonel James F. Fagan, of Saline County
Lieutenant Colonel James C. Monroe, of Clark County
Major John Baker Thompson

Company A – “The El Dorado Sentinels” – Union County, Captain Asa Morgan
Company B – “The Clark County Volunteers” – Clark County, Captain Charles Stark
Company C – “The Camden Knights” – Ouachita County, Captain Crenshaw
Company D – “The Clan McGregor” – Jefferson County, Captain Donelson McGregor
Company E – “The Saline Guards” – Saline County, Captain William A. Crawford.
Company F – “The Ettomon Guards” – Pulaski County, Captain William F. Martin.
Company G – “The Jackson Guards” – Jackson County, Captain A. C. Pickett.
Company H – “The Crockett Rifles” – Arkansas County, Captain Robert H. Crockett.
Company I – “The Monticello Guards” – Drew County, Captain James Jackson.
Company K – “The DeWitt Guards” – Arkansas County, Captain D. B. Quertermous.

May 19 Mustered into Confederate service at Lynchburg, Virginia, mustering 905 men.
Stationed at Evansport assigned to Holmes’ Brigade.
Unsuccessful attempt to capture the Federal gunboat USS Pocohontas by  Captain Martin.
July 21
Battle of Manassas (Bull Run)

The regiment was in reserve and suffered no casualties.

July Assigned to Walker’s Btigade, Department of Fredericksburg.
January 21 William H. Martin was promoted to lieutenant colonel.
February The regiment was transferred to the Western Theater. Those who reenlisted were given a $50 bonus and a furlough home.
March 15 The regiment was ordered to rendezvous in Memphis and assigned to Gibson’s Brigade, Ruggles’ Division, 2nd Corps of the Army of Mississippi. .
April 6-7
Battle of Shiloh

The regiment brought 800 men to the field, and lost 364 casualties in the Hornet’s Nest. Lieutenant Colonel John B. Thompson was killed.

April The regiment reorganized and received replacements.
June 11 Colonel Fagan was promoted to brigadier general.
July 25 John Colquitt was commissioned colonel.
August – October
Kentucky Campaign
October 8
Battle of Perryville
December Assigned to Polk’s Brigade, Cleburne’s Division
December 31-
January 3
Battle of Murfreesboro

The regiment lost 11 men killed and 90 wounded. Lieutenant Colonel McGregor was mortally wounded and captured.

February Stinson Little was promoted to major.
Tullahoma Campaign
September 19-20
Battle of Chickamauga

The regiment brought 430 men to the field and lost 45% casualties.

Siege of Chattanooga
November 23-25
Battle of Chattanooga
December The regiment mustered 302 men
Atlanta Campaign
May 25-26
New Hope Church
June 27
Kennesaw Mountain

The regiment was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel William P. Martin, who famously called a truce in the middle of the fight so that Federal troops could retrieve their wounded who were in danger of burning to dearh from a brushfire.

July 22
Battle of Atlanta

The regiment lost 15 men killed, 67 wounded, and 3 missing.

Spring Consolidated with the 15th Arkansas Infantry
September 1
 Jonesboro, Georgia

The regiment and its colors were captured.

November The regiment was exchanged and rejoined Cleburne’s Division for Hood’s Tennessee Campaign
November 29
Spring Hill
November 30
December 15-16
January1-April 26
Carolinas Campaign
March 19-21
April 9th Survivors were consolidated along with those of the 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th, 19th (Dawson’s) and 24th Arkansas Infantry and the 3rd Confederate Regiment (formerly Marmaduke’s 18th Arkansas Infantry) to form the 1st Infantry Regiment (Consolidated) at Smithfield, NC
April 23

Surrendered with Johnston’s Army of Tennessee