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July 17 Organized under Colonel Arnoldus V. Brumby (Superintendant of the Georgia Military Institute and West Point graduate (West Point Class of 1835), Lieutenant Colonel Whiteford S. Ramsey and Major Felix L. PriceCompany A – Confederate Volunteers (Monroe County), Captain John A. Ethridge
Company B – Ramah Guards (Wilkinson County), Captain Robert W. Folsom
Company C – Jasper Light Infantry (Jasper County), Captain John L. Moore
Company D – Cherokee Brown Rangers (Cherokee County), Captain James M. Fielder
Company E – Lester Volunteers (Forsyth County), Captain Richard Paul Lester
Company F – Johnson Greys (Johnson County), Captain Robert P. Harmon
Company G –  Yancey Independents (Worth County), Captain Joel T. Crawford
Company H – Blackshear Guards (Laurens County), Captain Whiteford S. Ramsey (elected lieutenant colonel)
Company I – Jeff Davis Riflemen (Butts County), Captain Felix L. Price (elected major)
Company K – Etowah Guards (Bartow County), Captain Thomas F. Jones
August 18 Lieutenant Colonel Ramsey resigned due to ill health and “extreme youth.” Major Price was promoted to lieutenant colonel. Captain Robert W. Folsom of Company B was promoted to major.
November 20 Lieutenant Green B. Hunt of Company D died at Rockbridge Alum Springs, Virginia.
November 21 Colonel Brumby resigned.  
November 26 Lieutenant Colonel Price was promoted to colonel. Major Folsom was promoted to lieutenant colonel. Captain James M. Fielder of Company D was elected major
December 9 Captain William A. Harris of Company G was elected major
April The regiment recorded 379 effectives.
May 31 – June 1
Battle of Seven Pines

Lieutenant Colonel Bolling C. Holt took command of the regiment. Captain Ethridge of Company A was killed. Captain Thomas M. Yopp was wounded.

June 25-July 1
Seven Days Battles

The regiment lost 138 casualties. Captain Joel T. Crawford of Company G was mortally wounded on June 26. He would die in Richmond in December.

July 1
Battle of Malvern Hill

Lieutenant William McKey of Company C was wounded.

July Assigned to General J. R. Anderson’s Brigade, A.P. Hill’s Division, Army of Northern Virginia
August 9
Battle of Cedar Mountain

The regiment lost 28 casualties. Colonel Price was wounded.

August 28-30
Second Battle of Manassas, or Bull Run

The regiment lost 52 casualties. Lieutenant Rufus W. McMichael of Company I was mortally wounded.

September 1
Battle of Chantilly, or Ox Hill
September 12-15
Siege of Harpers Ferry
September 17
Battle of Sharpsburg, or Antietam

The brigade was left at Harpers Ferry to finish the work of paroling Federal prisoners and securing captured supplies while the rest of A.P. Hill’s Division made its legendary forced march to Sharpsburg that saved Lee’s army.

Captain John L. Moore pf Company C was elected major.

September 20
Battle of Shepherdstown Ford
October 23 Colonel Price resigned due to his wound. Lieutenant Colonel Folsom was promoted to colonel effective September 1.
November 8 Major John L. Moore resigned due to disability. Captain Richard Paul Lester of Company E was elected major.
December 13
Battle of Fredericksburg

Lieutenant Washington Solomon was mortally wounded.

January Major James Fielder was promoted to lieutenant colonel.
May 1-4
Battle of Chancellorsville

The regiment lost 8 men killed and 67 wounded. Lieutenant Colonel Fielder was mortally wounded, and would die May 10. Captain Robert P. Harmon was killed on May 3.

May 5 Lieutenant Washington LaFayette Goldsmith of Company K was promoted to major.
May 10 Major Richard Paul Lester was promoted to lieutenant colonel.
June 1 The regiment was assigned to Thomas’ Brigade of Pender’s Division in the newly-created Third Corps
July 1-3
Battle of Gettysburg

The regiment was commanded by Colonel Robert W. Folsom. It lost 6 men killed, 27 wounded and 11 missing of the approximately 300 men engaged. Captain Virgil T. Nunnally was killed on July 1. Captain John H. McConnell was wounded and captured. He would die in prison in May, 1865.

From the monument to Thomas’ Brigade on the Gettysburg battlefield:

July 1. In reserve north of Chambersburg Pike on left of the Division. At sunset moved to position in McMillan’s Woods.

July 2. On duty in support of artillery. At 10 P. M. advancing took position in Long Lane with left flank in touch with McGowan’s Brigade and the right near the Bliss House and Barn.

July 3. Engaged most of the day in severe skirmishing and exposed to a heavy fire of artillery. After dark retired to this Ridge.

July 6
Battle of Williamsport
August 13 Major General Cadmus Wilcox took over the division from Brigadier General Lane, who had been temporary commander since Gettysburg.
August 31 Captain Thomas Yopp of Company H was cashiered for pay fraud.
October Bristoe Campaign
Mine Run Campaign
May 5-6
Battle of the Wilderness

Colonel Folsom was mortally wounded on May 6. He would die in Richmond on May 26. Captain Simeon B. David of company E was killed on May 5. Captain Thomas Carter of Company I was captured. Lieutenant G. Washington chapman of Company K was killed on May 6.

May 8 Lieutenant Colonel Richard P. Lester was promoted to colonel, Major Goldsmith to lieutenant colonel and Lieutenant Charles C. Kelley of Company B was promoted to major.
May 8-21
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House

Lieutenant Josiah B. Patterson was killed on May 12. Lieutenant Abbott T. Armstead was wounded.

May 23-26
Battle of the North Anna
June 1-3
Battle of Cold Harbor
Petersburg Siege Begins
June 22
Battle of Weldon Railroad
March 25
Battle of Fort Stedman
April 9
Appomattox Court House

The regiment surrendered 20 officers and 147 men under the command of Colonel Richard P. Lester.