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Spring Organized at Camp Randolph, Florida with 800 men in ten companies. The regiment consisted of young men just reaching military age, older men available for conscription by raising the age to 45, and veterans from disbanded units.
May 26 Captain John W. Evans of Company G, 24th South Carolina Infantry was elected colonel, James Barrow lieutenant colonel and Captain Walter Weems of the 6th Alabama Infantry major.
June The regiment was moved to Florida and assigned to Harrison’s Brigade, District of Middle Florida, Department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. It was stationed at Camp Cobb in Quincy and Tallahassie.
February 20
Battle of Olustee (Ocean Pond)

The regiment lost 17 men killed, 88 wounded and 2 missing. Colonel Evans was wounded and Lieutenant Colonel Barrow was killed. Major Weems was promoted to lieutenant colonel.

February 22

Lieutenant Colonel Weems was wounded in the left leg. Captain Charles S. Jenkins of Company K took over command of the regiment and may have been promoted to major at this time.

early May Ordered to Virginia, mustering about 400 men. Assigned to General Wise at Petersburg as provost guards.
June Assigned to Colquitt’s Brigade, Hoke’s Division, Department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.
June 21
Defence of Battery 16

The regiment, assisted by the 25th and 44th Tennessee Infantry, successfully defended the redoubt and captured most of the Federal attacking force.

July Assigned to Wright’s Brigade of Anderson’s Division of the Third Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia, mustering about 400 men.
July 30
Battle of the Crater

Colonel Evans was killed and Captain Thomas Pritchett was captured. Lieutenant Colonel Weems was promoted to colonel. Major Jenkins may have been promoted to lieutenant colonel at this time and Captain George Thomas of Company C may have been promoted to major.

August 16
Deep Bottom

Lieutenant Colonel Jenkins and Major Thomas were captured.

November Wright’s Brigade was assigned to Brigadier General Moxley Sorrel, and was known as Sorrel’s Brigade.
April 9
Appomattox Court House

The regiment surrendered 9 officers and 93 enlisted men.