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April Organized in Atlanta.
May 27 The 6th Georgia was mustered into Confederate service under Colonel Alfred H. Colquitt, Lieutenant Colonel James M. Newton, Major Philemon Tracy and Adjutant James M. Reid.
June Moved to Virginia and assigned to Rains’ Brigade at Yorktown.
April The regiment reported 793 men in the ranks.
April 26-July 1 Peninsula Campaign. Assigned to Rains’ Brigade of D.H. Hill’s Division
April 26-May 5
Siege of Yorktown
May 5
Battle of Williamsburg
May 31
Battle of Seven Pines

Major Tracy was wounded in the head and leg.

June 16 Colonel Colquitt took over the brigade of D.H. Hill’s Division from General Rains. Lt. Colonel James M. Newton took command of the regiment.
June 25-July 1
Seven Days Battles

The regiment loast 38 men killed, 167 wounded and 3 missing.

June 27
Gaines’ Mill
July 1
Malvern Hill

Captain William Arnold was wounded

July-August Remained in the Richmond area covering McClellan’s army and missed Second Manassas.
September 1 Colonel Colquitt was promoted to brigadier general.
Maryland Campaign

The regiment began the campaign with about 250 men

September 14
South Mountain

Commanded by Lt. Colonel Newton, the regiment fought at Turner’s Gap.

September 17
Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam)

The regiment suffered heavy casualties. Lt. Colonel Newton was killed. Major Tracy took command, then he was killed. Captain Charles D. Anderson was wounded and captured, and Captain Arnold and Captain Wilde C. Cleveland were wounded. With all senior officers killed or wounded, Lieutenant Eugene P. Burnett of Company A took command of the 50 or so survivors of the regiment.

After the battle Captain John T. Lofton of Company K was promoted to colonel. Captain Anderson of Company C was promoted to major effective this date, although a prisoner.

December 13
Battle of Fredericksburg
March 26 Major Cleveland was promoted to lieutenant colonel.
May 1-3
Battle of Chancellorsville

The 6th Georgia lost 43 casualties in Jackson’s flank attack. Major Anderson was wounded.

May Ordered to Kingston, North Carolina.
May 15 Major Anderson was promoted to lieutenant colonel
June 16 Major Cleveland resigned due to disability. Captain William M. Arnold of Company A was promoted to major.
July 16 Grimball’s Landing (James Island)
In defences of and Charleston Harbor at Battery Wagner and Fort Sumter.
January 20 Lt. Colonel Anderson resigned due to his wounds from Chancellorsvile and Sharpsburg. Major Arnold was promoted to lieutenant colonel.
February Moved to Florida
February 20 Battle of Olustee, Florida

The regiment lost 5 men killed and 56 wounded fighting on the extreme left of the Confederate line. At one time it ran out of ammunition but stood its ground until it was replenished.

May Moved to Virginia
May 16
Drewry’s Bluff
June 1
Battle of Cold Harbor
June 18 Beginning of the Siege of Petersburg
July 7 Lieutenant Colonel Arnold was killed by a morter shell at Petersburg. Captain Sampson W. Harris of Company K was promoted to leutenant colonel.
July 30
Battle of The Crater
September 29-30
Fort Harrison
January Captain James M. Culpepper of Company C was promoted to major.
January 13-15
Second Battle of Fort Fisher

Colonel Lofton was killed.

February-April Carolinas Campaign
February 14 Lieutenant Colonel Harris was promoted to colonel.
March 19-21
Battle of Bentonville

Colonel Harris was wounded.

April 26 Surrendered at Greensboro, North Carolina