Confederate Regiments & BatteriesGeorgia


February 18

Organized at Rome, Georgia, by combining the 21st and 24th Georgia Cavalry Battalions with McAllister’s Hardwick Mounted Rifles under the command of Colonel William P. White, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph L. McAllister and Major Edward C. Anderson, Jr. Assigned to the 4th Military District of South Carolina, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Company A, Captain W.D. Russell
Company B, Captain Robert L. Miller
Company C,  Captain John N. Davies
Company D, Captain Richard H. Wylly
Company E, Captain Harris K. Harrison
Company F, Captain Randal F. Jones
Company G, Captain Frank W. Hopkins
Company H, Captain John P. Hines
Company I, Captain John W. Brumby
Company K, Captain L.S. Quarterman

The three parent units continued to operate independently until May.


The battalions gathered together at Augusta, then moved to Columbia, South Carolina, where they joined with the brigade.

Late May Proceeded to Richmond by the end of the month. Assigned to Young’s Brigade, Hampton’s-Butler’s Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Colonel White was shot, and Lieutenant Colonel McAllister took command of the regiment, whch mustered 842 men.
June 11-12
Battle of Trevilian Station

Colonel McAllister was mortally wounded by four bullets in the chest leading a counterattack. Major Anderson was wounded in the hip and captured, but was able to escape that evening. Captains Russell of Company A, Miller of Company B, and Hines of Company H were killed or mortally wounded.  Captain Hopkins of Company G was captured. The regiment “carried six hundred men into the fight and brought out three hundred only.” Abount 180 men were captured.

Siege of Petersburg
June 28-29
Sappony Church, Reams’s Station
August 18-21
Weldon Railroad
September 29
Poplar Springs Church
September 30
Peeble’s Farm
October 1
Pegram’s Farm
October 2
Laurel Hill
October 27-28
Fair Oaks and Darbytown Road
November Assigned to Gary’s Brigade, Department of Richmond

Most of the regiment’s horses had died or were unservicable from hard campaigning. Colonel Edward Anderson left the mounted members in Virginia and led 200 dismounted members to Georgia to get remounts. They served in the Battle for Savannah and escaped to North Carolina, but never returned to Virginia.

December 7-12


January Assigned to Gary’s Brigade, F. Lee’s Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
March 28-April 9
Appomattox Campaign
April 3 Namozine Church
April 4-5

Skirmish at Amelia Cour House and Tabernacle Chuch

April 5
Amelia Springs
April 6
High Bridge
April 7
April 8
Appomattox Station
April 9
Appomattox Court House

The regiment surrendered 3 officers and 39 enlisted men under the command of Captain William H. Burroughs of Company F.