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“9th Georgia Cavalry Regiment”

August Four companies were created as part of the combined arms Cobb’s Legion. Seven more companies would eventually be added.  The cavalry component of the Legion was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Pierce M.B. Young, who had withdrawn from the West Point Class of 1861 two months before graduation upon Georgia’s secession.Company A (Richmond Hussars, Company A), formed in Richmond County.
Company B (Fulton Dragoons, Company A) was formed in Fulton County.
Company C (Georgia Troopers, Company A) was formed in Clarke County.
Company D (Dougherty Hussars) was formed in Dougherty County.
September-October Moved to Virginia and assigned to the Army of the Peninsula.
October-November Assigned to the Department of the Peninsula.
January-April Assigned to McLaws’s Division, Department of the Peninsula.
Siege of Yorktown

Assigned to Cobb’s Brigade, McLaws’s Division, Magtuder’s Command, Department of Northern Virginia.

May-July Assigned to Cavalry Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia.
May 23 Captain William G. Delony of Company C was promoted to major.
June 25-July 1
Seven Days Battles
July Additional companies were added to the cavalry battalion to raise it to regimental strength. It was assigned to Hampton’s Brigade, Cavalry Division, Army of Northern Virginia, and would operate independently from the infantry for the rest of the war.
August 2-8 Harrison’s Landing
September 13

Encountered Federal cavalry at Quebec Schoolhouse while withdrawing to Burkittsville. Brigadier General Hampton ordered the Legion to attack. A saber charge resulted in a loss of 30 men killed and wounded and five men captured from the 3rd Indiana Cavalry Regiment and the 8th Illinois Cavalry Regiment. The Legion lost four men killed (including Lieutenant Marshall an Sergeant Bardsdale) and nine wounded. Lieutenant Colonel Young was wounded in the leg, and Captain G. J. Wright was wounded in the arm. Major William G. Delony took over command of the Legion after Lieutenant Colonel Young was wounded.

September 14
South Mountain
September 17
Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam)

The Legion was commanded by Major Delony.

November 5 Barbee’s Crossroads
November 1 Lieutenanr Colonel Young was promoted to colonel and Major Delony was promoted to lieutenant colonel.
December 12 Dumfries
December 13
Battle of Fredericksburg
December 19
Battle of Occoquan
December 27-29
Raid on Dumfries & Fairfax Station
June 9
Brandy Station

The Legion lost 3 officers and 41 enlisted men.

June 21
June 30
Battle of Hanover
July 2
Battle of Hunterstown

Lieutenant Colonel Delony was wounded.

July 2-3
Battle of Gettysburg

The Legion was commanded by Colonel Pierce M.B. Young. It brought 330 men to the field and lost 21 casualties.

From the monument to Hampton’s Brigade on the East Cavalry Battlefield at Gettysburg:

July 2. Engaged in the evening with 3rd Division Cavalry Corps near Hunterstown. Cobb’s Legion led the attack and lost a number of officers and men killed and wounded.

July 3. The Brigade arrived here about noon and skirmished with Union sharpshooters. In the afternoon the 1st North Carolina and Jeff Davis’ Legion advancing in support of Chambliss’ Brigade drove the Union cavalry but met their reserve and were in a critical position when the Brigade went to their support and a hand to hand fight ensued in which Brig. Gen. Wade Hampton was severely wounded. The conflict ended in the failure of the Confederates in their purpose to assail the rear of the Union Army

July 4 Skirmish at Hunterstown
September 21
Jack’s Shop

Lieutenant Colnel Delony was mortally wounded and captured. He would die of gangrene in a Washington D.C. hospital on October 2.

Bristoe Campaign
October 23 Colonel Young was promoted to brigadier general. Gilbert Jefferson Wright was promoted to colonel and took command of the regiment.
Mine Run Campaign
May 5-6
Battle of the Wilderness
May 8-21
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
May 23-26
Battle of North Anna
June 1-3
Battle of Cold Harbor
Siege of Petersburg
July 11 Designated as the 9th Georgia Cavalry Regiment
July 19 Company L was retransferred to the Phillips Legion
September Assigned to Butler’s-Young’s Brigade, Hampton’s-Butler’s Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
October 27
Williamsburg Road
January Assigned to Young’s Brigade, Butler’s Division, Hampton’s Cavalry Command
Carolinas Campaign
April Assigned to Logan’s Brigade, Butler’s Division, Hampton’s Cavalry Command, Army of Tennessee
March 19-21
Battle of Bentonville
April 26
Durham Station

Surrendered with Johnston’s army.