Confederate Regiments & BatteriesNorth Carolina

July 17 The 57th North Carolina Infantry Regiment was organized at Salisbury under the command of Colonel Archibald C. Godwin, Lieutenant Colonel Hamilton C. Jones, Jr. and Major James A. Craige.
Company A – Rowan County – Captain William Howard
Company B – Rowan County – Captain W. Brown
Company C – Rowan County – Captain John Beard
Company D – Forsyth County – Captain J.E. Mann
Company E – Catawba County – Captain Daniel W. Rhine
Company F – Cabarrus County – Captain J.C. Cannon
Company G – Lincoln County – Captain J.F. Speck
Company H – Rowan County – Captain W. H. Howerton
Company I – Alamanc County – Captain W.A. Albright
Company K – Rowan County – Captain A.A. Miller
August Assigned to the Department of North Carolina.
August 1 Captain Howard of Company A resigned and was replaced by Captain W.C. Lord.
September Assigned to the Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia.
October Captain Mann of Company D resignd and was replaced by Captain E.J. Batner.
November Moved to Virginia and assigned to Trimble’s-Hoke’s Brigade, Ewell’s-Early’s Division, 2nd Corps, Army of Nortern Virginia.
December 13
Battle of Fredericksburg

The regiment lost 32 men killed and 192 wounded. Captain Lord of Company A was mortally wounded, Captain Batner of Company D was killed and replaced by Captain S.W. Gray, and Captain John F. Speck of Company G was wounded.

December 16 Captain Howerton of Company H resigned and was replaced by Captain William Johnston, who had been mortlly wounded at Fredericksburg and would die in May.
January 20 Captain Brown of company B resigned and was replaced by Captain Mills H. Hunter.
March 4 Captain Albright of company I resigned and was replaced by Captain Joseph Dickey.
May 1-4
Battle of Chancellorsville

The regiment lost 9 men killed and 61 wounded.

June 14-15
Second Battle of Winchester
July 1-3
Battle of Gettysburg

The regiment was commanded by Colonel Archibald C. Godwin. After brigade commander Colonel Isaac Avery was mortally wounded during the attack on Cemetery Hill in the evening of July 2 Colonel Godwin took command of the brigade. Lieutenant Colonel Hamilton C. Jones took over the regiment.

The regiment brought 297 men to the field and lost 65 casualties. Captain Gray of Company D was killed during the fighting on the 2nd.

From the monument to Hoke’s Brigade at Gettysburg:

July 1. Advanced at 3 P. M. with Hays’ Brigade flanked Eleventh Corps aided in taking two guns repulsed First Brigade Second Division and captured many prisoners. Late in evening took position here.
July 2. Skirmished all day at 8 P. M. with Hays’ Brigade charged East Cemetery Hill. Severely enfiladed on the left by artillery and musketry it pushed on over infantry line in front scaled the hill planted its colors on the lunettes and captured several guns. But assailed by fresh forces and having no supports it was soon compelled to relinquish what it had gained and withdraw. Its commander Col. Isaac E. Avery was mortally wounded leading the charge.
July 3. Ordered to railroad cut in rear and later to High Street in town.
July 4. At 2 A. M. moved to Seminary Ridge. After midnight began the march to Hagerstown.

August 17 First Lieutenant Philip Carpenter of Company G was promoted to captain, replacing Captain John Speck who had been wounded at Gettysburg.
Bristoe Campaign
November 7
Rappahannock Bridge

The regiment lost 4 men wounded and 292 missing in the surprise Frederal night attack. Lieutenant Colonel Jones and Captain Seckler of Company K were captured.

Mine Run Campaign
January Moved to North Carolina and assigned to Hoke’s Brigade, Department of North Carolina
New Bern
April 17-20
May Assigned to Hoke’s Brigade, Ransom’s Division, Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia.
May-June Returned to Virginia and assigned to Hoke’s Brigade, Early’s Division, 2nd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
May 22-26
Battle of North Anna
May 30
Bethesda Church
June 1-3
Battle of Cold Harbor
Lynchburg Campaign

Assigned to Lewis’s Brigade, Pegram’s Division, 2nd Corps, Army of the Valley

July 2 Major Craige was wounded.
July 9
Battle of Monocacy
August 5 Colonel Godwin was promoted to brigadier general. Lieutenant Colonel Hamilton Jones, still a Federal prisoner, was promoted to colonel.
September 17
Third Battle of Winchester
September 19
Battle of Fisher’s Hill
October 19
Battle of Cedar Creek
Siege of Petersburg

Returned to Lee’s army around Petersburg-Richmond and assigned to Lewis’s Brigade, Pegram’s Division, 2nd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia

February Colonel Hamilton C. Jones, Jr. returned from Federal prison in February and took command of the regiment.
February 5-7
Hatcher’s Run
February 27 Two companies from the regiment were detailed to North Carolina to enforce the Conscription Act and protect against Federal raids. They would not return.
March 25
Fort Stedman

Colonel Jones was badly wounded. Captain Philp Carpenter took command of the regiment, followed by Captain John Beard, who remained in command to the end of the war.

April 6
Sayler’s Creek
April 7
April 9
Appomattox Court House

The regiment surrendered 6 officers and 74 men, only 31 of whom were armed, under the command of Captain John Beard.