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September Organized at Charleston by merging the Charleston Infantry Battalion with the 1st South Carolina Sharpshooter Battalion. The field officers were Lieutenant Colonel Peter C. Gaillard and Major Joseph Abney. Assigned to Hagood’s Brigade.
October 2 Major Gaillard was promoted to colonel. Captain Julius A. Blake of Company I was promoted to lieutenant colonel.
May 7 Lt. Colonel Blake was wounded near Petersburg
May 12-14
Drewry’s Bluff

Major Abney was wounded.

June 1
Battle of Cold Harbor
July 27-29
Deep Bottom

The 27th South Carolina lost 8 men killed, 22 wounded and 113 missing

August 21
Weldon Railroad

The 27th South Carolina lost 2 men killed, 22 wounded and 71 missing. Lt. Colonel Blake was captured.

The regiment is honored on the monument to Hagood’s Brigade on the Weldon Railroad battlefield:

Here a brigade composed of the 7th battalion, the 11th, 21st, 25th and 27th regiments South Carolina
Volunteers, commanded by Brig. Gen. Johnson Hagood, charged Warren’s Federal Army Corps, on the 21st day of August 1864, taking into the fight 740 men, retiring with 273.

October 31 Lt. Colonel Blake was exchanged.
January 27 Lt. Colonel Blake was dropped as “ineffective”.
Moved to North Carolina
March 6 Colonel Gaillard and Major Abney retired to the Invalid Corps.