Confederate Regiments & BatteriesSouth Carolina

March 18 The 7th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment was created by enlarging the four companies of the Holcombe Legion Cavalry to a regiment. It was commanded by Colonel William P. Shingler.

Company A – Captain John Tucker, Captain John McDonald
Company B – Captain William L. Trenholm
Company C – Captain Isaac McKissick, Captain John Palmer
Company D – Captain Alex R. Taylor
Company E – Captain J. Wash. Williams
Company F – Captain W. L. Wallace
Company G – Captain J.J. Magee, Captain Wm. Henry Jeffers
Company H – Captain Wm. Shannon
Company I – Captain Thomas V. Walsh, Captain Robert C. Webb, Captain J. Franklin Bradford
Company K – Captain Edward M. Boykin

May Colonel Shingler resigned after a long disagreement with President Davis. Alexander C. Haskell was promoted to colonel and took command of the regiment.  Isaac G. McKissick was lieutenant colonel and Edward M. Boykin was major.
June-January Assigned to Gary’s Cavalry Brigade, Department of Richmond
Siege of Petersburg
September 29
New Market Heights
September 30
Roper’s Farm
October 13 Colonel Haskell was wounded. Major Edward Boykin took command of the regiment.
January-April Assigned to Gary’s Brigade, F. Lee’s Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
February Colonel Haskell returned from convalescent leave and resumed command of the regiment.
April 6
Sayler’s Creek
April 9
Appomattox Court House

Surrendered 22 officers and 398 enlisted men with Lee’s army