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“Pound Gap Battalion”
Fall Organized six companies under Lieutenant Colonel Campbell Slemp and Major John B. Thompson. Assigned to the  Department of Western Virginia.
February 7 Occupied defenses at Pound Gap at the summit of the Cumberland Mountains
March 16
Skirmish at Pound Gap

The 21st Virginia was attacked by Union General James Garfield. Garfield had over 700 men, and after an hour long skirmish the 175 men of the battalion under Major Thompson were almost surrounded and fell back without casualties to either side.

July 25 On the river near Saltsville. Captain Lorenzo Pridemore was promoted to major and then lieutenant colonel.
September 9 Crossed Pound Gap over the Cumberland Mountains with a column under General Marshall that reached Lexington and Harrodsburg before returning.
October 24 Marched to Virginia.
November 27 Merged into the 64th Virginia Infantry Regiment