Confederate Regiments & BatteriesVirginia


June 10 The original company was formed at Rector’s Crossroads under Major John S. Mosby, acting under the authority of General Robert E. Lee and the Partisan ranger Act of 1862.
June 11 Raid on Seneca Mills
June 22 Ewell’s Chapel
July 20 Rectortown and Salem
July 30 Mount Zion Church
August Padgett’s near Alexandria
August 6 Fairfax Court House
August 11 Annandale
August 24 Billy Gooding’s Tavern (near Alexandria)
September 6 Carter Run
September 16 Fayetteville
October 1 The original company was split into Company A and Company B at Scuffleburg 
October 16 Stuart’s (near Chantilly) and Old Ox Road
October 22 Near Fairfax Court House on Little River Turnpike
October 26 and
November 6
Near Warrenton
November 21 Near Bealeton Station
November 26 Brandy Station
December 15 Company C was created at Rectortown under the command of Captain William H. Chapman.
January 1 Five Points
January 6 Lee’s Ridge
February  The Confederate Congress revoked the authority of all partisan units except two, one of which was the 43rd Battalion.
February 5 Berryville
February 20 Fight at Blakeley’s Grove School House Near Upperville
February 22 Anker’s Shop (near Dranesville)
March 8 Near Greenwich
March 10 Kabletown
March 27 Near Bunker Hill
March 28 Company D created near Paris
April 22 Hunter’s Mill
April 19 Near Loughbourough’s
May 9 Near Winchester, Strasburg, and Belle Plain
May 10 Near Front Royal
May 17 Waterford
May 21 Guard Hill
June 24 Near Chantilly and Centerville
June 29 Charles Town
July 4 Near Point of Rocks
July 6 Skinner’s House (near Mount Zion)
July 18 Near Snickersville and Ashby’s Gap
July 28 Company E was created at Upperville. An artillery company was also formed during the summer. The battalion number around 400 men.
August 8 Near Burke’s Station, Old Braddock Road and Fairfax Station
August 13 Near Berryville
August 15 Between Berryville and Charles Town, and near Castleman’s Ferry
August 19 Sheppard’s Mill Road
August 24 Annandale
September 3 Near Berryville
September 4 Myer’s Ford. Lieutenant Francis G. Fox was mortally wounded and captured.
September 13 Company F was created at Piedmont
September 15 Snicker’s Gap
September 23 Near Chester Gap
September 25 Along the Valley Pike
October 4 Near Gainesville
October 5-7 Salem and Rectortown
October 9 Ashby’s Gap, Port Tobacco and Sandy Springs
October 10 Glen Welby (near Salem)
October 11 Near The Plains and near Newton
October 12 Brown’s Crossing (near Kearneysville)
October 14 Duffield and Adamstown
October 17 Falls Church
October 24 Capture of General Duffie
October 29 Near Upperville
November 16 Near Winchester, Berry’s Ferry and near Myerstown
November 22 Near Charles Town
November 24 Near White Post
November 27 Near Goresville
November 27-28 The artillery company was disbanded by order of the Adjutant and Inspector Generals Office and the men formed Company G.
December 7 Expanded to a regiment and designated Mosby’s Regiment of Partisan Rangers.