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Also known as the Centerville Rifles Light Artillery and Wise Legion Artillery

May 15 Organized by the Detachment of Company C, Wise Legion, under the command of William M. Lowrey. Assigned to Artillery Battalion, District of Lewisburg,, Department of Southwestern Virginia.
September Assigned to Artillery Battalion, Department of Western Virginia
September Kanawha Campaign
September 10 Fayetteville, (West) Virginia
September 13 Charleston, (West) Virginia
April Assigned to Williams’ Brigade, Department of Western Virginia and East Tennessee
May Assigned to Artillery Battalion, Department of Western Virginia
October Assigned to Artillery Battalion, Ransom’s Division, Department of Western Virginia
Knoxville Campaign
February Assigned to King’s Battalion, Artillery, Department of East Tennessee
May Assigned to Artillery, Department of Southwestern Virginia
June Assigned to King’s-McLaughton’s Battalion, Artillery, Valley District, Department of Northern Virginia
June 1-3
Battle of New Market
Lynchburg Campaign
July 9
September 19
Third Battle of Winchester
September 22
Fisher’s Hill
October 19
Cedar Creek
December 28 The battery was reported as armed with two 12-lb. Napoleons
March 2, 1865
Battle of Waynesboro
March, 1865 The battery moved to the Petersburg area with the survivors of the Second Corps and took part Siege of Petersburg assigned to Braxton’s Battalion, Second Corps Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia.
March 17 The battalion was ordered to turn its equipment over to other batteries and report to Richmond.