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The battery was originally formed in 1828. It was placed on active duty in April, 1861, as Company H, 16th Virginia Infantry Regiment. It is represented by a marker at Gettysburg.

March 25 Organized by the conversion of Company H, 16th Infantry, to artillery service, under the command of Captain Charles R. Grandy. Assigned to Department of Norfolk.
May Battery armed with two 12-lb. Napoleons, two 12-lb. Howitzers, and two 3-inch Rifles
June 8 Part of the battery was split off to form the Norfolk Artillery Battery under Captain Frank Huger.
July Attached to Artillery, Department of North Carolina
December Attached to Artillery Battalion, Anderson’s Division, 1st Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
December 13
Battle of Fredericksburg
May Attached to Artillery Battalion, Heth’s Division, 3rd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
May 1-4
Battle of Chancellorsville
July 1-4
Battle of Gettysburg

Captain Grandy took 106 men into the fight with two 3 Inch Ordnance Rifles and two 12 pounder howitzers.

From the War Department marker on the field at Gettysburg:

July 1 Arrived on the field in the afternoon but was not engaged.

July 2 The Rifles took position here in the morning and participated during the afternoon and evening in the artillery duel with the Union batteries on Cemetery Hill.

July 3 Ordered to the south side of McMillan’s Woods and held all day in reserve without firing a shot though sometimes under fire.

July 4 The Howitzers were never actively engaged in the battle but on this day were placed in a position here. At night they rejoined the Rifles and with them began the march to Hagerstown. Losses not reported in detail.

July Transferred to Garnett’s-Richardson’s Battalion, Artillery, 3rd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
July 14 Falling Waters
November-December Mine Run Campaign
May 5-6
Battle of The Wilderness
May 8-21
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
May 23-26 North Anna
June 1-3
Cold Harbor
June Petersburg Siege begins
Appomattox Campaign
April 8
Appomattox Station

Captured as part of Walker’s column with 1 Warrant Officer and 13 men.

Captain Jacob Vickery took command after Captain Grandy