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“Eighth Star Artillery”

August 22 Created for one year’s service from volunteers in Page and Shenandoah Counties under the command of Captain William H. Rice. Assigned to Taliaferro’s Brigade, Army of the Northwest. The nickname of “Eighth Star” was in honor of Virginia being the eighth state to secede from the Union.
October 3
Greenbriar River
November-December Assigned to Johnson’s Brigade, H. R. Jackson’s Division, Army of the Northwest
December-January Assigned to Johnson’s Brigade, Army of the Northwest
March-May Assigned to Army of the Northwest
Shenandoah Valley Campaign

Assigned to Artillery Battalion, Ewell’s Division, Army of the Valley District

September Assigned to Reserve Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia
September 17
Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam)

The battery was commanded by Captain Rice. It was equipped with one 10 pounder Parrott, one 3″ Ordnance Rifle, and one 12 pounder Napoleon. Stationed at the fords on the Potomac and did not participate in the battle.

September 26 Merged into the Danville Artillery.