Confederate Regiments & BatteriesVirginia

April 25 The Petersburg (Virginia) Horse Artillery was organized in Petersburg.
April 19 The battery was mustered into one year’s service under the command of Captains Edward Graham and James N. Nichols. Moved to Norfolk.
February Assigned to Clark’s 5th Brigade, Department of Norfolk.
June 30
Malvern Cliff

The battalion lost half its equipment, although not due to enemy action.

July Assigned to Light Artillery, Department of North Carolina. The battalion mustered only 24 men.
October 3
Blackwater River near Franklin
Winter The battery may have been equipped with rockets.
December 2
Blackwater River near Franklin
July Assigned to the District of North Carolina, Department of North Carolina.
December Assigned to the Artillery, Department of North Carolina and reorganized as horse artillery.
May Assigned to Branch’s-Coit’s Battalion, Artillery, Department of North Carolina abd Southern Virginia.
June 9
Butler’s Assault on Petersburg
June 15
Siege of Petersburg

The battery was commanded by Captain Edward Graham. It lost one Napeoleon captured at Baylor’s farm.

August-September Assigned to Dearing’s Cavalry Brigade, Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia
August 25
Battle of Reams Station
September Assigned to Chew’s Battalion, Artillery, Cavalry Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
September 14-17
Beefsteak Raid
September 29
Peebles’ Farm
October 2
Harman Road
December 28 Equipped with two 12-pounder Howitzers and two 3″ Rifles.
April 1
Battle of Five Forks
April 9
Appomattox Court House

The Petersburg Horse Artillery surrendered 2 officers and 19 enlisted men.