Confederate Regiments & BatteriesVirginia

April 19 The Wise Artillery, a militia battery, was accepted for state service.
May 3 Mustered in for one year’s state service under the command of Captain Ephraim G. Alburtis.
May 27 The battery moved to the covered bridge over the Potomac across from Point of Rocks.
June 2 Ordered to Martinsburg.
June 8 The battery was assigned to the Confederate States.
July 1 Accepted in Confederate Service.
June 15 Evacuated from Harpers Ferry and moved to outside Charles Town.
June 16 Marched to Bunker Hill.
June 17 Marched to Camp Defiance at Stephenson’s Station. Assigned to Bartow’s Brigade, Army of the Shenendoah
June 20 Marched to Hollingsworth Grove outside Winchester.
July 2-3 Marched overnight to Darkesville.
July 7 Returned to Hollingsworth Grove outside Winchester.
July 18 Ordered to Manassas Junction. Left at 6 pm and marched to Berry’s Ferry on the Shenandoah River by 9pm, then continued the march east.
July 19 Marched throught Ashby’s Gap in the Blue Ridge Mountains at 3am and reached Piedmont Station around 9am. The battery Marched at 7pm for Manassas Junction along with the 1st Rockbridge Artillery and the Thomas Artillery.
July 20 After an overnight march the battery arrived at Camp Pickens at Manassas Junction around 2pm. It was stationed at McClean’s Ford.
July 21
Battle of Manassas (Bull Run)

The battery was equipped with four 6 pounders. It was stationed at Mitchell’s Ford before being ordered to Henry Hill. The elderly Captain Alburtis, who suffered from lumbago, was too ill to take command, so First Lieutenant J. Pelham was assigned to temporarily command the battery for the battle.

July-October Assigned to S. Jones’s Brigade, 2nd Corps, Army of the Potomac
August 24 Captain Alburtis was assigned to detached duty. First Lieutenant J.S. Brown commanded the battery.
September 11 Moved to Fairfax Courthouse.
October 16 Moved to Centreville.
October 22 Assigned to S. Jones’s Brigade, 2nd Corps, Potomac District, Department of Northern Virginia
January-April Assigned to S. Jones’s Brigade, G.W. Smith’s Division, Potomac District, Department of Northern Virginia
January 25 Captain Alburtis resigned. Lieutenant James Brown was elected captain.
April 26 The battery reorganized at Yorktown.
June Assigned to Anderson’s Brigade, Magruder’s Division, Army of Northern Virginia
June-July Assigned to Artillery Battalion, D.R. Jones’s Division, Magruder’s Command, Army of Northern Virginia. Equipped with two 12 pounder howitzers and two 6 pounder smoothbores.
June 25-July 1
Seven Days Battles
July-September Assigned to D.R. Jones’s-Semmes’s-G.T. Anderson’s Brigade, D.R. Jones’s Division, Longstreet’s Command, Army of Northern Virginia
August 28-29
Second Battle of Manassas (Bull Run)
September 12-15
Siege of Harpers Ferry
September 17
Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam)

The battery brought 81 men to the field and lost 1 man killed, four wounded, and 1 missing in action. Captain Brown was wounded.

From the tablet for the battery on Branch Avenue at Antietam:

The Wise Artillery was the only one of the four Batteries attached to D.R. Jones’ Division which was present on the field. During the greater part of the engagement it occupied the high ground about 340 yards due west of this point.

September-October Assigned to Jones’ Artillery Battalion, Jackson’ Command, Army of Northern Virginia
October 4 The battery disbanded. The personnel were assigned to the Bath Artillery.