United States Regiments & Batteries

“Simmonds’ Kentucky Battery”

The battery lost a 13 men during the Civil War: 3 enlisted men were killed or mortally wounded, and 10 enlisted men died of disease.

The First Kentucky Battery was organizaed in Pendleton, Ohio, during the time Kentucky was attempting to remain neutral. The battery would go on to be the only Kentucky unit to fight for the Union in the Eastern Theater.
June 3 Mustered in as Company E of the First Kentucky Infantry Regiment under the command of Captain Seth J. Simmonds. Attached to the District of the Kanawha.
July 10 Ordered to the Kanawha Valley.
July 11-25 March from Mount Pleasant to Charleston.
July 17 Action at Scary Creek.
July 24 Tyler Mountain.
July 25 Capture of Charleston.
July 26-August 1 Advance to Gauley
August 2-25 Moved to Camp Piatt.
August 28 Gauley Bridge.
September 1 Boone Court House
September 12 Paytonia
September 20-27 Moved to Raleigh
September 25 Chapmansviille
September 26-October 10 Return to Gauley
October The company was detached as an artillery battery by the command of General Rosecrans.
October 13 Cotton Hill
October 19-November 16

Operations in Kanawha Valley

October 23 Gauley Bridge
November 1-9 Attack on Gauley by Floyd’s Batteries.
November 9-18 Movement on Cotton Mountain and pursuit of Floyd.
November At Kanawha Falls, Virginia.
December Moved to Gauley Bridge and duty there until April
March Assigned to 2nd Brigade, Kanawha Division, West Virginia
April 22-May 4 Advance on Princeton
May-July At flat Top Mountains
August At Munson’s Hill.
August 14-23 Movement to Washington
September 6-22
Maryland Campaign

Assigned to 2nd Brigade, Kanawha Division, IX Corps, Army of the Potomac

September 12 At Frederick, Maryland
September 14
Battle of South Mountain
September 17
Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg)

The First Kentucky Battery brought 98 men to the field commanded by Captain Seth Simmonds. It was equipped with two 20-pounder Parrott Rifles, three 10-pounder Parrott Rifles, and one 12-pounder howitzer.

October 8-November 14 Moved to Clarksburg, Suttonville,Summerville,Gauley Bridge and Kanawha Falls.
October At Suttonville, West Virginia. Assigned to the District of the Kanawha, West Virginia, Department of the Ohio.
November At Gauley Bridge
March Assigned to 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, VIII Corps, Middle Department
May-June At Camp White, Charleston.
July-August At Gauley Bridge, Assigned to 1st Brigade, Scammon’s Division, Department of West Virginia.
September At Camp Toland, Va.
October 21-22 Scout to Boone Court House
November 3-13 Expeditition ftom Charleston to Lewisburg.
November 7 Capture of Lewisburg
December Assigned to 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division West Virginia.
February-April At Fayetteville, Virginia.
March 13 Captain Seth J. simmonds was cashiered from the service. Captain Daniel W. Glassie took over the battery, which was Veteranized.
May At Burgers Hall. Assigned to Artillery, 2nd Infantry Division West Virginia.
May 2-19 Crook’s expedition against the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad.
May 9 Action at Cloyd’s Mountain
May 10 New River Bridge
May 26-July 1 Hunter’s Raid on Lynchburg
June At Camp Piatt.
June 11 Lexington
June 17 Diamond Hill
June 17-18 Lynchburg
June 20 Buford’s Gap
June 21 Salem
July At Harpers Ferry, Reserve Division, Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.
August-June At Camp Fuller, Virginia.
April Assigned to 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division West Virginia.
July 10 The First Kentucky Battery was mustered out under Captain Daniel Glassie.