United States Army

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Commanded by Major General Lew Wallace

First Separate Brigade Brigadier General John R. Kenly (to 12/20)
Brigadier General Erastus B. Tyler
1st Delaware Cavalry Regiment to 3 Sep. Brig. (below)
11th Maryland Infantry Regiment reorganized in Dec.
Smith’s Maryland Cavalry Company Captain G.W.P. Smith
3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, Co. H Captain William D. Rank
Second Separate Brigade Brevet Brigadier General William W. Morris
91st New York Infantry Regiment
2nd United States Artillery, Battys. H&K at Fort McHenry
Third Separate Brigade Brigadier General Henry H. Lockwood
1st Delaware Cavalry Regiment from 1 Sep. Brig.
8th United States Infantry Regiment from Army Potomac 9 Corps
Fort Delaware
Ahl’s Delaware Heavy Artillery Co.
Pennsylvania Independent Battery A
Pennsylvania Independent Battery G Captain Stan. Miotkowski