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Commanded by Brigadier General Wesley Merritt

First Division Colonel Peter Stagg (to 2/3)
Brigadier General Alfred Gibbs (to 2/10)
Brigadier General Thomas Devin
First Brigade Colonel Peter Stagg (^ 1/31)
Second Brigade Colonel C. L. Fitzhugh
Reserve Brigade Lieutenant Colonel Caspar Crowninshield (to 2/10)
Brigadier General Alfred Gibbs
Third Division Brigadier General George A. Custer 
First Brigade Brigadier General George H. Chapman (to 2/25)
Colonel A. C. M. Pennington
Second Brigade Colonel William Wells
Horse Artillery Captain James M. Robertson
6th New York Independent Battery
1st United States Artillery, Battery K Captain William M. Graham
2nd United States Artillery, Batteries B&L Lieutenant Albert O. Vincent
2nd United States Artillery, Batteries D Lieutenant Edward B. Wiliston
2nd United States Artillery, Battery M Lieutenant Alexander C. M. Pennington
3rd United States Artillery, Batteries CF&K Captain Dunbar R. Ransom
4th United States Artillery, Batteries C&E Lieutenant Samuel S. Elder
5th United States Artillery, Battery  L