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April 20 Organized at Harrisburg for three months service under Colonel John F. Hartranft, Lieutenant Colonel Edward Schall and Major Edwin Schall
April 21 Moved by rail to Philadelphia
April 22 Occupation of Perryville, Md.
April 23 Right Wing moved by boat to Annapolis, Md.
May 8 Regiment moved to Washington, D.C. and camp near Bladensburg
June 24 Moved to Shutter’s Hill, near Alexandria
June 30 Picket attack on Shutter’s Hill (Company E) Lieutenant M. R. McClennan commanded the regimental picket line, which was attacked by about 30 Confederates. Thomas Murray was killed and Llewelyn Rhumer was seriously wounded.
July Attached to Franklin’s 1st Brigade, Heintzelman’s Division, McDowell’s Army of Northeast Virginia
July 16-21 Advance on Manassas, Va.
July 20 The regiment’s term of service expired on July 21. General McDowell requested the regiment to remain in service for a short period, but enough of the regiment declined that it was decided to not take it into battle the next day.
July 21
Battle of Bull Run

Lieutenant Colonel Schall marched the regiment to Washington, while Colonel Hartranft and Captain Cook stayed with the army, Hartranft serving on the staff of Colonel Franklin and Cook on the staff of Colonel Hunter.

July 27 Mustered out