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April 15 Tendered services to the Government, but not at first accepted
May 13 Mustered in to service for three months under Captain Thomas James and Lieutenants Richard Price and William Camac
May 29-30 Moved to Carlisle, Pennsylvania and attached to George H. Thomas’ Command.
May 31 Moved to Chambersburg
June 7 To Greencastle
June 12 To Williamsport
June 17 Advance to Falling Waters
July 2 Action at Falling Waters and Bunker Hill
July 3 Occupation of Martinsburg
July 6 Advance to Bunker Hill
July 15 Bunker Hill
July 17 Occupation of Charlestown
July 21 Moved to Harper’s Ferry
August 3 To Sandy Hook. Guard Kelly’s and Antietam Fords and Charlestown Road.
August 17 Mustered out. Sixty-three members went on to serve in other units, including Captain James, who was killed as colonel of the Ninth Pennsylvania Cavalry.
May & August Again tendered services, but not accepted.
June 16 Tendered services
June 18 Accepted. Moved to Gettysburg, Pa., to observe enemy under Captain Samuel Randall.
June 26 Driven from South Mountain and Gettysburg
June 27 From York to Wrightsville
June 28 Retreat to Columbia and duty there
July 4 Moved to Harrisburg.
July 31 Relieved from duty