United States Regiments & Batteries

January Duty at Fort Duncan, Eagle Pass, Texas
February 20 Moved to Fort Jefferson, Fla.
May 24 To Fort Pickens, Fla. Attached to District Fort Pickens and Pensacola, Fla., Dept. South.
November 22-23 Bombardment of Forts McRae and Barrancas, Pensacola Harbor
January 1 Bombardment of Forts McRae and Barrancas, Pensacola Harbor
January 27-31 Reconnaissance on Santa Rosa Island
May 9 Capture of Forts McRae and Barrancas
May 13 Moved to Pensacola
August 30 Moved to New Orleans, La.Attached to Defenses New Orleans, La., Dept. Gulf
September 3 Moved to Baton Rouge, La. and attached to Grover’s Division, Dept. of the Gulf
January Attached to Artillery, 4th Division, 19th Army Corps, Dept. Gulf
March 7-27 Expedition to Port Hudson
April 9-May 14 Operations in Western Louisiana
April 11-20 Teche Campaign
April 12-13 Fort Bisland
April 14 Porter’s and McWilliams’ Plantation at Indian Bend and Irish Bend
April 17 Bayou Vermillion
April 17-21 Expedition to Breux Bridge and Opelousas
May 5-16 Expedition to Alexandria and Simsport
May 18-23 Moved to Port Hudson
May 24-July 9 Siege of Port Hudson
May 27 Assault on Port Hudson
June 14 Second Assault on Port Hudson
July 9 Surrender of Port Hudson
July 13-August 2 Moved to Baton Rouge and attached to Artillery Reserve, 19th Army Corps
September 4-12 Sabine Pass Expedition
October 3-November 17 Western Louisiana Campaign
November At New Iberia
December Moved to New Orleans
January Attached to Artillery, 1st Division, 19th Army Corps
March 10-May 22 Red River Campaign
March 14-26 Advance from Franklin to Alexandria
April 8 Battle of Sabine Cross Roads
April 9 Pleasant Hill
April 23 Monett’s Ferry, Cane River Crossing
April 30-May 10 At Alexandria during construction of dam
May 13-20 Retreat to Morganza
May 15 Marksville
May 16 Avoyelle’s Prairie, Mansura
May-June At Morganza
July 27-August 5 Moved to New York, then to Washington, D.C.
August Attached to Defenses Washington, 22nd Army Corps
August Sheridan’s Shenandoah Valley Campaign. Attached to Horse Artillery, Army of the Shenandoah, Middle Military Division
August 25 Near Kearneysville
August 28 Leetown and Smithfield
August 29 Smithfield Crossing, Opequan
September 15 Savior’s Ford, Opequan
September 19
Third Battle of Winchester (Opequan)
September 21
Fisher’s Hill
September 22 Milford
September 23-24 Mt. Jackson
September 26-27 Port Republic
October 19
Battle of Cedar Creek
October-August Duty in the Shenandoah Valley and in the Defenses of Washington, D.C.
December Attached to Horse Artillery (Reserve), Army Shenandoah
April Attached to Cavalry Brigade, Army Shenandoah until August, 1865